Thursday, February 16, 2006

wall emotional :)

After 16th December 2003, 16th February 2006 may be the day when Rahul Sharath Dravid got emotional like anything.

On that day Dravid smacked MacGill to the fence, kissed the Indian crest on his cap and hugged Agarkar.

Today Raina pulled Farhat, Dravid punched his fist and was hugged by his teammates at the balcony of Indian Dressing Room in Multan.

Congrats Dravid, that was a brave win against the odds. Fitting reply to critics including me :)) .


Krishnan said...

Way to go jammy!
I guess that image epitomises the difference between dada and jammy.
Both are agressive, jam just prefers the shirt on :-)

pophabhi said...

That was a good one, Kich!

But Dhanush da, there is a long way to go from this bright start for Dravid - The support from the middle order needs to stay - We need to get a couple of real quick bowlers - We need a good spinner to come into the team - One good opener that we have lacked for 2 decades!!

But yes, this a real bright start.