Wednesday, February 08, 2006

now that's why he is called god..

That truth, like all great truths in life, is very simple — halfway down Mount Tendulkar is still higher than most peaks in Indian cricket. A battle weary, ageing Tendulkar close to the twilight of his career can still — on his day — do things with the bat that most other batsmen can only dream of.

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yetanother.softwarejunk said...

his class is a beauty, incomparable with today’s players!!! might be Lara is technically better than him, But Sachin is Sachin.

Imagine... if Tendulkar born @ melbourne!!!

May be he is the man with most unlucky dismissal by wrong decision by Umpires

Anonymous said...

he's class, he's a delight to all his fans and non fans - enjoy and relish every innings that he's playing and savour it to tell your next gen about it !!

Atul Deshpande