Friday, February 24, 2006

"avid reader of ur fiction"

Today was my last day in Tech Mahindra (formerly MBT) and I got a compliment from a unexpected person. I was going through the finance dept and saw my old friend sitting there. She was my father's colleague's relative and I met her when I joined.

Today as I went over her to bid adieu she said , "Your articles are realy good, I read all of them. Now I think I will miss them". Huh, that was unexpected. I never knew there was people like her sitting in the Finance Dept working all the time and still find time to read my fictions. In these 2 and half plus years we had a share of hi's and bye's but she never mentioned that she read those :). Hmm good time to say. I am moved.

Thanks Nandita

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Anonymous said...

"Going through those moments which makes life fruitful is always interesting. This is just another attempt to jott it down."

dear, it's "jot" not "jott"