Monday, February 06, 2006

remix, mux, max,mex ..... what is it ??? - (it is slow melody)

Are we disrespecting our yesteryear singers? That was the SMS poll that was aired in Asianet TV on Sunday. The situation that prompted them to open a poll was about the usage of an old song "Pacha Panamthathe" - music by one and only Baburaj and sung by Kozhikode Abdulkhader - in a new film "Nottam" by music director M. Jayachandran. Initially I thought it would be a pakka remix like the Hindi ones or the Nee Madhu Pakaru types. But this one was beautifuly done by M. Jayachandran, obivously the best of the lot today, after the late Raveendran Mash. Even though it would not be as equivalent to Baburaj's tune, it is not the remix that you think of Beats and Drums. It is just pure soft melody( I heard only the Pallavi) . Infact I will say, its just a new tune for the same lyrics. The issue is now bought up by te son of Abdul Khader, and that is why the media has caught up with it.
Frankly I feel if Baburaj was alive today he might have accepted that song with whole heart. And if these people have seen the today remixes then they would have understood how beautifully M. Jayachandran has recreated it.

PS: The songs of this movie has won Best Male and Female Playback Singers award in Kerala State Film Awards announced today. And wonder what, the best lyricist is Ponkunnam Damodaran for this song I mentioned above. Now who wrote the song ? And when? In the early 70-80's or in 2005 ??? I am confused :-(

PPS : The Award was awarded posthumously. So I guess it should be in the old times only. Come what may I have become a fan off this. There can't be any more slower melody than this.
"Pachapanamthathe punnarapoomuthe, punnelil poonkarale.
Uchakku Neeyente Kochu Vaazha Thoppil Onnu Vaa Ponazhake".
So beautiful, so simple and so Paimkili ;) (Added on 8th Feb 2005)


pophabhi said...

Spot on da. We have heard a lot of remixes in our life. Jayachandran has done a great job for this one - The song is done very well. But I guess the posthumous award for best lyrics - its good for such simple lines to get awards - but i personally think there have been more deserving candidates this year.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, it doesnt matter who, why or where it was done. If it appeals to me it's a good song.

Songs, like many other things in life, are meant to be enjoyed.

Enjoy is a simple thing!

---oru budhijeevi