Saturday, February 18, 2006


Its 2 am on the morning of 18th Feb when I am writing this post. I am back from a party. A Birthday party with my Jango Gang. It was birthday of Arun Jammy James and we were having all the Jangoistic activities; food,booze and cakings. Now what is the fun ? Fun was not when Nit's pulled AKVC to ground during his adventures, it was not when George and Hafees danced to "Ayyappante Amma Neyyappam Chuttu...", it was not when George sung "Pacha Kadali., Kulakkidakide..." and it was not when Arun was dipped in the chocolate cake.

To me it was when at the middle of the night when biko Vijay said, "Let's drive to NDA...". The answer was an unanimous YES, because to us Biking was never a NO. At 1 am partly boozy we set out. The NDA is a bit away from the concrete jungle of Pune, and the road is absolute beauty with everything that makes a biker thrilled - sharp curves, uphill climbs, dark road through the woods and what not.

Our start was nothing big, we rode slowly and steadily, took the curve from Chandni Chowk, stopped at the view point, chatted - brought out old memories of our bike trips.We chatted about each trips we had, the way I was missed out during last Harihareshwar trip, about how George came searching for me and Naveen in that cold night alone , how he was afraid after some time. Vijay explained about the thrill when one speeds to the maxima, how the biker behind chases him and how we had a healthy rivalry during our rides among the bikers :). Aswani, Sreejith and Renosh were more listeners, but they didn't miss the party.

And then we took off for another drive , into that lonely road through the woods, kissed the curves, wheeled up hill and touched the maxima. The cold wind was blowing on my face, I didnt have my helmet, yet I pumped in the accelerator, touched 85 kmph. It is an unexplainable great feeling which is a mix of fear and thrill, when you take around a curve at 60 + you know there is a danger around but the thrill will keep you going, the fear will make you control the accelerator and brake and finally you feel Roobaroo.

Tears were flowing from my eyes. Scientifically due to the cold wave, but emotionally too I was crying deep down the heart. Now the Pulsars were parked on that lonely road to the NDA. A few days from now I am gonna miss this. A Pulsar will take a different route while the other two will go straight. In the Trilogy of 2 Black and 1 Blue pulsar, the Blue will drive into the Blue.

I will miss Jangoism.


pophabhi said...

There are more bikers waiting for you - in yet another place with cold winds. Yes da, Another black pulsar and red unicorn are waiting...

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

:) Thanks Da - Lets hit the road after our GOA POA

pophabhi said...

Yes - We will fix the next date on the return journey from Goa Poa.