Thursday, February 09, 2006

athanu.. that is..

Kitchan : athanu .. that is !!
Kitchan : u saw
rajamanikyam !!
Dhanush : no
Dhanush : where did u get that - athanu, that
is - ?
Kitchan : it is frm rajamanikyam
Dhanush : no, I wont agree, it
was always said by our economics sir in the college
Dhanush : our good old
ramachandran sir.

That was a small excerpt from my chat with Kichan today and I came to know that one of the most famous lines that malayalees say today is what our sir used to say usually in college lectures.
Our One and Only Economics Sir, Ramachandran Sir.
It was he who bought life into the boring techie classes in the 5th Semester.
It was he who taught us, Money is what Money Does.
It was through him that we learnt the nuances of DEMAAND and Supply.
It was his oneliner- Athanu, That Is that was superhit among us , for we used it everywhere we could.
Yet it was us who crucified him from the hostel highlands, because he gave us less sessional marks than we expected.

Regrets.. ??
Yes, a bit, deep inside the atriums of the heart.
Yes, when thinking of that one moment of immature, cowardish, and weak act.
Sorry Sir.

And How dare Anwar Rashid copy that ? ;)

But then .. athanu, That is.


pophabhi said...

Sree had told me about this, and even I had started using it in normal conversations before Rajamanikyam. I used to tell PP and other gang here abt this sir in Trissur engineering college, that Sree had spoken about. And in Rajamanikyam its 'Athaaanu thaatt..' - 'IS' is missing :).

Anonymous said...


BTW, If you want to do some thing abt the 'immature' act in college, you should follow the storyline of 'My name is Earl'. I dont know if you got a chance to watch this on TV when you were in Chicago. The lead character goes around 'fixing' the mistakes he did in his earlier years leading to some funny situations.

---You know me!

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Yes, I know you dear. You are that one loitering in the Kansas City, in the name of learning portugese to go to Brazil, to do a Samba