Tuesday, March 25, 2008

frustrations galore

I was frustrated over the weekend for a lot of things, a lot of serious things. And then I had this piece of thread in my mind churning up, giving me the nauseating feel. I vomitted it in bits to a small piece of paper and then finally on to the blogger while watching Kimi winning the Malaysian GrandPrix. Then I reworked on it a bit, and thought for a title for 2 days and finally is it. Deepasthambham MahaSchyaryam. This time it is in Malayalam. Still I am not completely satisfied with the Title. But thats the Best I could think.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

happy weekend folks..

Wishing You all a Colourful Holi, Easter and Id.

Be safe and take care whereever you are. Have a blasting long weekend.
Picture shot from the Kanadukatha Big House, in Chettinad, near to Arimalam in Trichy district of Tamilnadu

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eee Yem..

Today is March 19th.

10 years ago on a sultry evening I saw a very depressed Surkhi leaning against the railings in the corridor of Alpha Hostel. He was my senior,a really nice guy, a true comrade who believed in the essence of communism rather than in beating his own classmates.

I asked him -"Surkhi, Enthu patti.."
He said - "Nammude Sakhavu Poyada..."

Thinking about some of his local comrades I asked - "Aaru?"


While he said that his voice almost broke. That was the first time I realized EMS was something an integral part of Keralites. Till then to me he was the first Chief Minister of Kerala.

Later that evening I saw masses belonging to all classes, from all parts of Kerala arriving at the hall where he was laid down for the public to pay the last respects. Some of them were crying. There were ladies who broke into a loud cry, as if some one dear in the family has died. At that time I never knew his importance to the people in Kerala.

That night Surkhi's sad face gave me a sleepless night. I was thinking about EMS and blaming myself for not knowing him much well as Surkhi knew.

As I grew up, I started reading about him and about his works. I never left any single article, both for and against him. And today is his 10th death anniversary. Its 10 years of Kerala without EMS and today as the Communist Party in Kerala is fighting their own demons, I wonder how EMS would have fit into it.

Neither of the Malayalam Dailies online editions, which boasts about big circulations, have a home page article for him. I haven't seen the newspapers though. Deshabhimani has given an editorial where Pinarayi Vijayan says that EMS' memories will give them strength to fight. I hope it is not for another violent killing in Kannur or anywhere in India.

Slowly EMS is getting forgotten, and I hope we do not come to a situation; where a day will come when he would be just another comrade for the left parties

Long live Comrade EMS.

Photo Courtesy : Malayala Manorama

Sunday, March 16, 2008

ഇന്നലെ പെയ്ത മഴയില്‍

വീണ്ടുമൊരു പുതുമഴ കൂടി നനഞ്ഞു ഞാന്‍ ഇന്നലെ. തിമിര്‍ത്തു പെയ്ത മീനമാസ രാത്രിമഴയില്‍ ഞാന്‍ മതിവരുവോളം ബൈക്കോടിച്ചു.
ഇന്നിപ്പോള്‍ മൊബൈലിന്റെ ഡിസ്പ്ലെ വെളിച്ചം തെളിയുന്നില്ല... തൊണ്ടയ്ക്കു ചെറിയ കിച്ച് കിച്ച്.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

haa.. there comes another sslc..

13 years ago on a Wednesday in March, I too started the long walk to the exam hall. Yes, it was the first exam of the much renowned SSLC.

An exam which makes parents and students tense alike. An exam that makes a student start up his tuitions as early as 9th standard Mid Summer Vacations. Portions, revisions, Model Exams and what not. There is a much of euphoria associated with a student once his/her 9th results are up and he/she has passed successfully to the 10th standard.

"Start Tuitions" .. The parents roar
"Early classes to finish portions" .. Teachers would organize
"Aren't you not going for tuitions? Isn't SSLC this year?".. Relatives would ask

The first day of the exams is the toughest, then all come and go as fast as it can. The day when you revised the Vritham and Alankaram of Abhinjaana Shankunthalam will easily pave way to the day you revise trigonometry and algebra. Fast and furious, 12 subjects in 6 days*, from one Wednesday to the next.

At the end of it is relief and anxiety. Relief that the exams are over and anxiety for the marks that are to be announced at the fag end of May.Then you get into a college, do another big struggle against entrance exams and join another institution. Finally at the end of the day you realize that hype surrounding the SSLC just fetches you an admission to the Plus One or the erstwhile Pre-Degree Course aka PDC.

The best thing that the government did was the abolishment of ranking system and the introduction of grading system. Instead of the pressure for ranks, now it would the pressure for all A+'s.

Today around 4.5 lakh students are just about to start their first small step into the big world. I hope they have memorized their poems, I hope they can decipher the correct Vrithams for the poems given and explain about it in detail, I hope they can elaborate on the topic given for essay, I hope they can explain "Chantrakkaran's"** physical structure, I hope they can explain the French and Russian revolutions and Boston Tea Party with much ease, and I hope they come out successful.

I wish them the very best.

* If I remember correctly we were the last batch to attend SSLC exams in such a way. Two papers in a day, to complete 12 subjects in 6 days. It started on a Wednesday and ended the next Wednesday Today they write only one exam a day, I think.

** Chantrakkaran - A character from the novel Dharmaraja, by C.V Raman Pillai, which was taught us in Malayalam II paper. The most prominent question those days was - "Chantrakkarante Roopam Varnikkuka". I do not know what they study these days for Malayalam II.