Sunday, February 05, 2006

jm.. truly jangali maharaj..

I went to Pune Central this Saturday. Rode back on my pulsar through the JM Road. One place I love very much in Pune is that road, which streches from the Deccan to the Mumbai Pune Rd. But only the starting 2 km of jm road is exotic. JM road is Jangli Maharaj road. Don't know why that name, but I think it is due to the temple over there. I have fond memories associated with this road.
Earlier when I didn't have a bike our Pune explorations ended at this road. We will have a little bit of shopping , a browsing in the Crossword ( even though we have nothing to buy), have a look at the girls around, and finally will have a food & drink at the Ruchira. JM Road was our soul as it was the easily accessible place from our place. Me , Sachin and Rahul got addicted and every Saturday it was just, "Chall, JM Chalte Hai" and we will just leave for JM.
JM provided us everything we needed, books , cassettes, shirts, food, coffee - how can one forget the homely Poona Coffee House. There was our famous Ruchira Hotel, were we dined and wined, the closed down Deccan Theater where we had our cheap fun movies :-) and ofcourse Crossword.
Offlate, after Sachin's departure I have not been to there. Infact, I have gone there only once after that. May be my awkward timings and our cooking extravaganzas are casuing that Hmm .. 22 days and counting, I will miss JM ..


pophabhi said...
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pophabhi said...

Dont worry da. You will have teh Bangalore Boyz house in Blore, as well as our beautiful Little Home Kerala Restaurant, where we all meet after Monopoly sessions! :)

Krishnan said...

Like abhi said. JM doesnt have Blore Boyz. And for girls and shops, blore has more than id want!
kottayam seems so peaceful..sigh

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

MG road in blr is waiting for you.