Thursday, April 27, 2006

abhi's tag

I have been tagged by the mad PophAbhi, and here goes my tag,

5 people who top your shit list….. and why:

  1. All the NRI/NRK Malayali parents who don’t teach their children to read and write Malayalam, by which the kids end up saying “korachu korachu malayalam
  2. All the politicians who caused the demolition of Babri Masjid and there by triggered all the riots and made India more vulnerable to terrorist attack.
  3. The Management which took the decision to revoke the offer of all the freshers who were to join my previous company in 2001 and there by causing a 2 year loss to my IT career.
  4. Mike Dennis for accusing Sachin Ramesh Tendlkar of ball tampering in 2001 SA Test Series.
  5. All the drivers who come across me when I am driving at night without dimming their headlights.
  6. A classmate of mine who even after being in town and even after calling him, didn’t come for our class get together that happened after 5 years.

Close brushes with death/danger:

  1. This is not any brush with death, may be with danger. I was upset with myself one day after my work in Calicut REC as Lecturer. I wanted to go home in the middle of the week and I drove my Kinetic Honda Scootter at a great speed from Calicut REC to Vadakara. I covered that entire distance of 75 kms in One and Half hour. At times I reached the speed of 80Kmph on that 100cc un-geared vehicle. Why it was dangerous? I was driving through Calicut Vadakara NH, where buses just brush you to the side and at evening after sunset. The most difficult time to drive any vehicle. I left at around 6.30PM from my room and was at home a little after 8PM. When I look back at that incident, I have a fear in me now. Oh God I was really nuts, that day.
  2. Again brush with Danger. Losing my way on the road from Malgaon (on NH 17in Maharashtra) to Harihareshwar. I had my friend Naveen along with me. Even though the time was around 8-8.30. The road was pitch dark, with no vehicles in front or back and no human beings around to ask a route. I still don’t know how I joined my other roadies who were waiting in a main junction.
  3. A funny one. Driving our Car on a very crowded Mavoor Road, Calicut and ogling at the crowd that was coming out of Kairali-Sree theatre. While the car was going left ready to get on to the footpath Achan “Kizhukking” my head by saying “Nere nokki odikeda.” (Look Straight and Drive)
  4. While playing volleyball at college on the ground in front of C Hostel. My Junior Dileep’s smash coming straight to my face and there by breaking the spectacles into two. The broken glasses missed my eyes just by a whisker.

5 Preferable modes of suicide, in descending order:

Had never thought of this at any point of time in my life, and I believe one has no right to take his life gifted by god.

5 Guilty pleasures:

  1. Waking up on a Saturday Morning in Pune at around 12 in the Noon. Completing the daily chores, preparing Chicken Curry on my own and then having it with A Kingfisher Strong Beer and Chappathi and sleeping again at around 5 in the evening.
  2. Calling up any known person from another phone and tell him/her that I am from some bank and you are supposed to pay X amount to the bank.
  3. Waking up at 3 in the morning to see India’s Test match against NewZealand.
  4. Writing up a Blog (including this) when I have a lot of work to do.
  5. Speeding my bike and touching her maxima(90-100kmh) on the way to Kich’s house and back(in Intermediate Ring Road).

5 things you never want to forget:

  1. My Close Friend Sandeep informing me that I was recruited to my previous company by campus selection. I hugged him and asked “What about you?” He was also there with me in the interview round. He said “Its only you man.” I was in tears, even though I got the job.
  2. Calicut REC Days with Sree and another good friend of mine.
  3. My sister getting into medical college with 167th rank. She had really worked for that, in her second attempt.
  4. The day when I became a proud owner of my machine, Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi
  5. The day I landed up in GEC, Trichur. I was one among the crowd in that Eastern Amphy Theater, wondering what next.

5 things you wish to forget:

  1. Unknowingly calling a teacher “Maakri” (tadpole) in Class 2. I was new to that school and I didn’t know the meaning of that word. One of my friends asked me to call the teacher, with this word. I called, only to be got hit by the Teacher. :(
  2. An allegation that I proposed a friend of mine, which I guess was propagated by her.
  3. A rare mistake from my part during work, which triggered 1636 files being moved to the Production Machine at the Client Site. Only one time I felt butterflies in my belly at work.
  4. The first and last time I was made to get tout from the class in school. Even though I didn’t tell it at home, a teacher in my school who was our relative took the pain to convey the message to my father.
  5. Riding my bicycle away from home and playing cricket on a day when my neighbor died when I was in school. He was very close to us, but since I am afraid of going to a house were death has occurred (I still am, a bit) and being bored in house I left for play. When I came back late, my father was really angry with me and beatings awaited.

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:

  1. Kappa and red hot fish curry( called a Molasion in some parts of Kerala)
  2. Puttu and Kadala Curry
  3. Kalathil Undaakkiya Thenga Arachu Vacha Meen(Ayala/Mathi) Curry. (Fish curry made in earthen pot with coconut paste. Fish preferably Mackeral or Sardine)
  4. Smoked Turkey Leg !!! (Abhi Remember??)
  5. Any Payasam.

5 crushes/loves in your life… in chronological order

  1. AMK
  2. Dia Mirza
  3. Catherine Zeta Jones
  4. SS

Strangest dream you ever had:

I saw this a couple of times after getting my Passport Stamped with Visa. I am asked to leave for US on a short notice and some how I manage to pack everything and leave India. And when I reach US I found that my passport is not stamped with any Visa. It has only my name and ECNR Stamped!!!

In reality I had a slight tension when I landed in the US and was facing the immigration authorities.

5 most valued personal possessions:

  1. My Nikon D50 DSLR Camera.
  2. The thousands of photos which I took.
  3. My Bike.
  4. My Books and the articles I wrote and still write.
  5. My Diaries which I started since 8th Std. There is a nice feeling when you go back and read those.

5 favorite superheroes….. and why:

  1. Mayavi: For a simple technology he devised, “Om Kreem Kuttichata” and he is there.
  2. Phantom: The guy who used to come in the comics book which I read during my childhood. He deals with criminals and disappears after leaving his mark on the skin
  3. CID Nazir in Lankadahanam: For making the suitcase a Gun.
  4. Spiderman : In the movie’s, for the way he rescues Kirsten Durnst , my favorite :-)
  5. Dinkan: The true “Ethiralikkoru Poraali”
  6. Vikii : The alien who could do anything in “Poombatta”

I am hereby tagging TP, Joju, Immigrant In Canada , RightBrainKid and Tanuja. Enjoy, all! :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

lesson one : a wail

The frame showed a few people walking away from that small house. In the front was the Hajjiyar and his gang. Just behind them was Kasim Mash. Janakikutti followed him. Only Janakikutti turned back at her. May be she only had some love towards her. She was alone in that small house, pregnant with a baby that is to be born, bearing the fruit of a cheat husband.

Two drops of tears fell from my eyes. For all the Shahina's around the Globe.

Today I am back to work with Shahina still haunting me.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

yet another love story

"Avalude Neelan Mudiyodum Unda Kannukalodum
Viraku Kolli Polathe Viralukalodumulla Paranayam Moothu
Enikku Branthu Pidichu.
Avalude Paricharanam Ente Pottichirikalkku Viraamamittapozhekkum
Aval Pottichirikkan Thundagiyirunnu"

- From "Branth" By Sreejith Shornnur - published in the Book- Malayalam's Best Pranaya Kavithakal

Some amount of madness shook me too ;). My Frustrations updated with "Yet AnotherLove Story"

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

anything for a vishu

I never had a clue what will happen to me and my journey back home on that vicious day, April the 12th, when my boss asked me, “What time is your bus? Is it going? You know that Rajkumar is dead and there are chances of minor violence in the city.

So what? Why should there be violence if he is dead.” Quipped an innocent me.

A little later a mail from admin read ….


Dr. Rajkumar, the kannada movie star has died just now of a cardiac arrest. People staying in far off places or in sensitive areas can leave office for their houses. Pls make your checks about possible violence around the city before you start from office.

This instruction is as approved by the MD

Take care & Regards,


Then I knew the situation was not as I thought. I called up the travels people and they said as of then there wasn’t any problem but asked me to confirm before I board the bus. As people started leaving the office, I got a bit tensed and I too started to leave. Starting the bike I decided to take the same route which I take daily. At the East End circle I was greeted with a big burning tyre at the center of the junction. I had a mild stroke in my heart as I was seeing this kind of riot like situation for the first time in my life and also I had a good 6 kms to cover till I reached my house. Luckily there weren’t any problems on the route and I reached house earlier than expected. I cooled off my heels by watching the cricket match which was then mere a formality. I took bath, packed my stuff and at 6PM I called up the travel guys. The response was bleak, that they were not sure if they will start and all depends on the owner. They asked me to get back after 7. Panic Room!! I waited till 6.45 PM and I called them again when I lost patience. They had the same reply and this time they asked me to get back by 8PM. More Panic Room!!

I called up Abhi, Kich, and PP and asked about other possible routes. It was Abhi who suggested about Island Express leaving Bangalore at 9.50 PM. That was the last option even though I never preferred it. I was still pestering on the bus, and I decided to call them again at 7.30 PM. This time their reply was a bit rude (bored of my regular calls I guess), and said there is little chance. However they asked me to call them again at 8.

When I called them up at 8 there was no response. In the mean time I called up my home and told the situation. Achan was worried and said, not to come. But I wanted to go, it has been 2 years since I saw a Vishu Kani. I definitely wanted to go, some way. I had a strange idea of driving down in the bike, if nothing happened.

I decided to take a chance on the Island Express. So I consulted Abhi again, and thanks to his Company Bulletin Board, he adviced me to go to KR Puram station and not to Majestic or Cantontment. Reaching KR Puram was the next problem, as it was a bit far from my place. And there too help was at hand. I called up Kich and he was at his brother’s place and he said the KR Puram station was on his way back home and he promised to drop me there.

So I reach Kichan’s brother’s house after travellingaround 20 kms in bike. Had a quick dinner from there and left with Kich and Seena for the station. While we approached the station Seena told me that she saw a huge rush in the entry. Kich and me didn’t believe it first, but as I crossed the over bridge and went to the ticket counter the scene out there was extremely horrible. A long queue which had no end. For a few moments I kept on searching the end of the queue. Twice I thought over should I call it quits. But going back to my abode will be suicidal, no food for the next day as bandh was already declared and no Vishu. I was not ready to loose my Vishu.

And after some good encouragements from Seena and my home, I decided to give it a try and as the seconds ticked by. I decided. Come what may, I am going to get into this train at any cost.

There is god up above there. I am sure. Otherwise an ever so late and slow responding railway wouldn’t have started another ticket counter and that too near to the position where I stood. He was decided to pack me up from Bangalore. Or I was destined to watch Vishukkani and enjoy Vishu this time. In another 15 minutes I had a ticket in my hand to Palghat. A Hortis Malabaricus Vadakara Guy will now go to Palghat, catch a bus from there to Calicut and then another one to Vadakara. How simple it is?

The Platform was crowded and as the train rolled in I caught in a TTE and asked if there are some birth available. He asked “Are you Nuts? Go and get into the general compartment”. I went to the General Compartment. My first thought was How am I getting into it.. I walked through sides of that compartment and there was heat emitting from each window, heat of humans who were held onto each coupe in those steel structures. I knew my entry into it wont be possible and was not sure if I would reach there alive. Such was the public inflow.

I jump into the reservation comp with a general ticket, and found many a people there in the same condition. I made friends with some of them and moved from compartment to compartment as the TTE and Police approached. I also met 2 girls who were sleeping on the upper births when I got in, but came ruinning with us to escape the TTE’s as they possessed NO TICKET. (Who Said Pen Budhi is Pin Budhi??) We wanted the train to reach Banderpet as soon as possible as after that the next station is Salem and then its Tamilnadu and we are safe. And as the train left Banderpet I got some space to sit down and sleep near the vestibule besides the bathrooms near the doors. There was cold wind coming in through the doors which felt like ice on that hot night but the stench from the bathroom was enough to give me nightmarish wakeups time and again. At Salem the Police Inspector came in and gave us ultimatum to get down there or you will be penalized. When TTE came in we asked if we could stay there till Coimbatore as we would get bus and it would be early in the morning there. His reply was “Am I Fool, to let you in here with general tickets. Salem is the final stop or I will call the police.

At Salem we decided that we are not going to get down this train. We walked into the compartments behind that would not come under this TTE’s jurisdiction and boy what a scene was waiting us. People all around sleeping and sitting in every single space they got there. It was a tough ride looking for space as we moved across each sleeping person on the floor. Infact at one point I had to put my travel bag on my shoulders, lift myself up on my hands holding the two berths and wade across. Finally my gang got a place to sit besides to Ayyapan maar. May be that’s why we got away. Since Ayyappa Swami’s devotees shouldn’t quarrel at us. Swami Sharanam.

Our TTE again came like humiliated villain wanting to have his revenge on the innocent souls, but this time with the other TTE, because that compartment was his. Again gave us the ultimatum – “The train will be stopping at Erode fro 15minutes. All should get down and catch the next train from there.” Erode was an hour away from now and we thought we could replicate the same trick which we did earlier. But as we approached Erode both of them came in from each side of the compartment and started pulling people out, there were people sleeping and sitting everywhere, none of them was spared. I hadn’t any option other than to get out of the compartment, I tried boarding the next compartment, but there too TTE was present. At 4.10 AM in that cold Erode Station, I was left with no option but to wait for the next train towards Palghat.

Half an hour later Kerala Express ran in and I got into the general comp this time with not-so-easy-but-not-so-tough push and pull. As I got in I had to hold my bag on my one hand for another 2 hours till some space was generated at Coimbatore. Soon we reached Palghat and with the heaviness of standing in a jam packed train for 3 hours, but with the happiness of being in God’s Own Country I got down there, stretched my body, and walked to the nearest café shop I could see, didn’t bother to brush my teeth and ate Poori Masala and Chai. Mission Accomplished.

I got a Calicut bus from the near by junction, dozed of to wake up only three times at Perinthalmanna, Malappuram and Kozhikode Stand. Had a cool Soda Sarbath at Moffusil Bus Stand and caught my Vadakara bus. Reached home at 12.30 PM, just in time for lunch.

Next Day I saw Vishu Kani for the first time in 2 Years.

Looking back, I think all my hardships were worth it. Being with the family, playing around with my cousins, having a sumptuous sadya , giving away kaineetams and all the things I did on that auspicious day. Some things are just like that in life. No matter what is it in front of u, what ever is the stumbling block ahead of you, if you have that will to reach there then destiny will take you there.

And at this time I thank you guys – Abhi, PP, Kich and Seena – who made me attain that or rather helped destiny ;)

Happy Easter and Vishu.

PS: That photo is Kani at our Pooja Room at home. Check out another version of that at Pint's Pics.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

they stay on in your mind

I watched 3 movies in the last 2 days. All were Malayalam movies. One is my favorite movie, Thoovanathumbikal, for the umpteenth time and then Kathaavasheshan and Akale for the first time. No matter how many times I watch Thoovanathumbikal (Butterflies of the spraying rain); I keep going back to and analyze the characters again and again.

As I said in my earlier post, there are some characters which stay on in your mind for a long time. One such person here is Clara portrayed by Sumalatha. Another beautiful character created by P Padmarajan, with lots of mysteries, beauty and love.

Why Clara left Jayakrishnan (Mohanlal) will be a question asked by every person who has seen that movie? Why Pappetten made her to go away from all the promises that Jayakrishnan offered and that too after breaking the small small vows that he kept? Why she still came back to JK? Didn’t she love Jayakrishnan? What is it that makes the Mother Nature to shower rain whenever Jayakrishnan thinks or meets Clara except for the second time? Was that rain symbolizing the love that she had for him? And when she met him for the second time, there was no rain. Jayakrishnan himself says to her- “Njanathalla alochikunnathu, Ippravashyam naammal kandappol Mazha Peyyunundaayirunnilla”. At the same instance he checks her purse and finds a few visiting cards and asks the details of those people. Then she asks. “Thadi Contractore, Enthina ente mon aavashyamillatha kaaryangale kurichu aalochikkunnathu.” How beautiful. Didn’t Jayakrishnan had a thought that she is leaving him for the final time. She says that later, “Radha Mannarathodiyilekku varunnathu vareye nammal thammil kanalundavulooo.” And when she meets him for the final time she had become the wife of Money Joseph.
How many unanswered questions?

Same is the case with Jayakrishnan. He liked or loved Radha(Parvathi) once. She neglected him. Then he came across Clara, whom he met as Thadi Contractor or Motehr Superior. He makes love to her, only to know that she was a virgin till that time. He is guilty, for he has kept all of his purity for the girl whom he will marry. Now as Radha is over, he offers to marry her. But she left him, without any reason. Then Radha comes back to him, and later again Clara. At that point of time, he loves both of them and still he is honest to them, even though Radha doesn’t understand him at times. Can a person be ever like that ever? Can a person have contact with 2 persons at the same time and yet be honest to both of them? And Jayakrishnan himself doesn’t know why he goes back to her as he tells to Radha – “Enikkariyilla, Enthukonda eeyoru kuttiyude kaaryathil maathram njan enthe ingane perumarunathu”. And Radha too is bold and decided that she will marry him only – “Njan ennenkilum, Eppozhenkilum oru Vivaaha Registeril oppidanamennu enikku thonniyal.. athu Jayettante oppinte aduthe aakulloo.” Why she is waiting for a man who has another woman also in her mind?
Still lot of unanswered questions.

Perhaps as Abhi and I discussed, this is why we keep going back to watch his movies. To try and find out any a tip,catch the dialogues and analyze it again. Perhaps if Padmarajan was alive, he would have answered all these.

Any day any time I am ready to watch it again.

In Kathaavaseshan too I came across a character like these. Gopinathan Menon (Dileep), who hangs himself for no reason. Until we realize it at the end of the movie. A reason that will just shake you, and stay in your mind. Can a person do a suicide for that reason? Class from T V Chandran.

These are characters that never die from a viewers mind. And created by geniuses.

Friday, April 07, 2006