Tuesday, January 31, 2006

love is fair?

All is fair in love and war - they say. Is it really true? Not in my case atleast. No I am not in love with anyone, not on phone for hours, not chatting with anyone at odd hours. But I must say , I am at the receieving end. I am staying with people who are in love with someone for 1,2,3 - 5 + years. So What ? You may think. Why I am at the receiving end.

1. The wakeup call that comes for my roommate from his girlfriend at 6.30-7AM in the morning and his answering "Honey, I will wake up by 8" , wakes me up from the sleep. I sleep at 1 AM in the morning after my 3-12 shift at office.

2. Another of my roommate using my personal laptop to chat with his girl for morning hours from 11 to1.30 and I waiting in my room watching the Idiot Box either cricket or some song or some uninteresting movie.

3. I call this another of my friend for shopping to select my dresses and its ends up he being on the phone with his girl and I selecting my good old weird colours and checks.

Now you people tell me. Is all fair in Love ??

PS : I had this friend in college who once during our last year told me , ' Dey, these are our last days, please leave us alone', when I approached him and his girl friend sitting on the gallery. Man I was hurt.

Monday, January 30, 2006

orange ball - why not pink ?

"The idea is if players can't sight the red or white balls under lights properly in Tests, then why can't the ICC experiment with orange-coloured balls?"

Quote-Unqoute by PCB Supremo. Another Kerry Packer in the making ??

Sunday, January 29, 2006

the pathan of hat-trick

Oh God, I must thank the newspaper man who woke me up from my sleep and asked for his bills. Else I must have missed the first over of last India- Pak test at Karachi. What happened in the first over was absolute magic.
Irfan Khan Pathan was bowling to Salman Butt. First Ball was defended, the next two was way outside the offstump- widish deliveries. Then the forth one, was pitched a touch one line of the stump and then deviated a little to take Butt's outside edge only the Captain Cool to take a good neat low catch at first slip.
In came Younis Khan. Irfan put in a lot fullish length and Younis went for playing it across and was wrapped on the pads. Simon Taufel didn't have any other doubts. Good that Mohd. Yousuf was padded up.
Now came the last ball of the over. Pitched outside the offstump and came in sharply to clip the middle and off stumps. Boy that was joy all over. I have watched a lot of on a Hatrick balls, but never ever a Hatrick in this small life. It was absolute gem!! And still when I write this he is swinging the balls mate. Did somebody comment about his thump position on the Seam ??

Saturday, January 28, 2006

the strange hang over

You can have hang over after having drunk too much, having 3 bottles of KF strong is good enough for that. But what do you say when I got a hang over after watching a movie. I watched Rang De Basanti today. Yes, it is a great film. The Generation will Awaken, I think.

I had always this problem like a character hangover when ever I read something around. That happened with Amir and Hassan in the KiteRunner and also with MT in his short story 'Thettum Thiruthum. Always there are a few characters which you keep close to your heart in the movie. Range De Basanti also gave a few of them, Diljeet akka DJ, Aslam, Sukhi, Karan, Sonia, Sue, Laxman and Ofcourse Madhavan's Ajay Rathod. But who is that captures ones mind. I was ofcourse impressed with Atul Kulkarni's Laxman Pandey. Not with AK, or even Karan for that matter. Laxman Pandey, I think is politician personfied in good sense. From the way he reluctantly accepts the money from his leader, to the end of the movie where he accepts Aslam as his friend leaving his political idealogies. The way he breaks away from his party and party chief, the way he energises the other members of the gang. Hmm , Its always difficult for a politician to leave his idealogies, even if it is in a film. Reading the reviews I thought that he is the one problematci guy in the gang. But it turned otherwise. Bravo Laxman Pandey !!

PS: Man I still have a good hangover, just now downloaded a few trailers from the site at 11.30 PM IST :)