Friday, June 30, 2006

wish i could marry her...

I saw her today again, after a long hiatus. I was very much concentrated in deciding that I won't loose my mind for her, but still saw her. I didn't see her coming behind me. For a long time she was behind me, then I saw her go past me with him. She had worn a sexy red and silver outfit and her curves were hot.

I lost it there again, my mind. Now she is back on to my mind, playing games with me. I was in love with her ever since I experienced her. She was so beautiful and powerful, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

That day we took her to wildness. On the 17th day of June 2006, PP took her from Silk Board to Silk Board covering the entire stretch of Outer Ring Road in Bangalore. For 90 kms the trip meter moved. Guru was the pillion on that ride as Tanuja had invited me for a sumptuous lunch.

But afternoon she was mine and PP was the pillion. As per Anurag's (Tanuja's Husband) suggestion we hit the Bangalore Hyderabad highway that day and as he said there wasn't much traffic especially after Hebbal Flyover. I cruised.. just was thumping and thumping the accelerator. I never minded as it touched 100kmph, I was just pushing her for more. At times PP was tapping my shoulder just when he thought I was erring somewhere. Good that he was there, or else I would have reached Hyderabad :). We climbed the quarry after going some distance, may be around Devanahalli. Tested her power and balance at 4-5kmph and at 105-110kmph and came back.

Even though my legs where aching, and hands feeling the pressures of a long drive, I was on cloud nine, elated and proud to be riding the Bird. I and PP were laughing. May be we couldn't just express the feeling that we were going through and that resulted in laughing. We could see the respect we were getting when someone overtakes us, he would look back in all admiration. And later when I overtake him, I will give him a kind of kiddo look. "Oh poor chap; look he is riding a 1000cc Maruthi Zen."

From that day on she has been a pain in the heart. The futile thoughts of how to get her. Thoughts of giving away my "Definitely Male" Guy to someone. It has been a pain altogether. And on top of it I should answer many a people. First I should get the permission from my mom who is always against bike. Then I should make understand my father why I should go for it, who believes that vehicles are not supposed to be changed so fast especially two wheelers. And give an answer to my sis who always would say "Kore kaalayallo thaan ithu parayaan thodangeetu, vallathum nadakkumo." Then I have to answer the people (That includes my Anon Ex Roomie) who say "you may be settling down in a year or two, why then not go for a car" or "Ninakku Vattano... Enthinaada Ithra Kaashu Koduthu Ippo Oru Vandi Vaangunne".

Oh my God!! I want to shout at the world that it is the passion and not the practicality. I may be young, settled or wandering, or old still I want to ride her forever. I couldn't and thus those plans too were shelved. I became a good boy, paid the Road Tax for my Blue Bird Pulsar and ride happily as long as I was not seeing her.

Today I saw her again, and all my emotions and feelings erupted. And as I reached the hotel for lunch, I saw her again parked in the parking lot. She had the Bullet Silencer, which normally gives the thump, instead of her normal silencer. I ogled at her and checked her silencer. Her boyfriend stared at me, as if I was about to snatch her from him. And later after my lunch on the drive back office, she crossed me again.

Oh God! I am to have a restless afternoon thinking about her. When will that Thunderbird be mine. The thoughts are coming up again, I can see my parents and sis, I can see those umpteen people who always come up with some advice, I can see the world turning against me. And I have to find the energy to curb it.

Someone at the T'Bird forum commented "You need to constantly take care of her. It's like your wife."

Wish I could marry her. Till eternity.

PS: I was thinking of this post ever since I rode her, but just delayed it so that I won't think of her. But simply couldn't resist it today :). She Rocks!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

ithihasathinte ithihaasam

"Ravi Bus kaathu kidannu."

AndThus ends one of the greatest books in Malayalam Literature. O.V Vijayan's Khasakhinte Ithihaasam. And now this piece of article says nature has taken away that school where, Ravi taught the kids of Thasrak. The characters which were created based on this school, but still stay. Maimoona, Allapicha Mollakka, Naijamali, Miyan shaik, and Ravi too.

Vijayan reached Thasrak when his sister got the job of a teacher in that "Eekadhyapaka Vidhyalaya(Single Teacher School)". And that resulted in one of the greatest novel which will probably divide Malayalam literature into two. Khasakinu Mumpum, Khasakinu Seshavum(Before and After Khasak).

It may be quite coincidental as the great writer passed away, the school too didn't wait long and mother earth with her lashing rain helped it to walk the way Vijayan went. Can I say that school too waited for the bus? If it was a snake for Ravi, it's Mother Nature's rain for the school.

The last two lines of the article say:

"Kaalathinte Kuthozhukkil pidichu nilkkanaavathe nilampothiyenkilum vishwasaahithyathil ee vidyalayavum thasrakkum mangaathe nila nilkuka thanne cheyyum. Kaaranam ithu ithihaasamaanu; ithihaasathinte ithihaasam."

Absolutely True.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

about me .. a bit more..

I took up Alexis' Tag again. More about me, dudes and dewdies..

My Accent: For English I think I have a slight Mallu accent, especially for the "simble" ones. And for Malayalam.. I always change my accent depending on the place. I have a thick Vadakara accent ("oon keenju paanju poyi") at home (otherwise localites would say I am putting Jaada ;) ), and at College I had the Ghediye (Thrissurian) kind of accent. And among friends I think I follow a neutral one, purposefully talking in neither of these two.

Booze: Anything. But favorites White Rum with Limca, Vodka On the Rocks with Lime.

Chore I Hate: Documentation as a Software Engineer.

Dog or Cat: None. I hate pets. Apologies to Animal Lovers :)

Essential Electronics: Camera, Mobile (For the FM Radio), TV/Music System, and oh yeh a PC

Perfume: None. Had used Brut for a while, but then when it finished, I never really tried getting a new one.

Gold or Silver: Uses a gold chain with "D" locket, which my mom bought for me while I was in 3rd Std. But dont have any particular affinity to any ornaments.

Home: Vadakara. Born at MCH, Calicut. Didn't have schooling till I was 6 years old as I was with my parents in an African Country called Libya. Then 2 years of schooling at my mom's place Pala, back to Vadakara. Has been there ever since. Now in Bangalore for a living.

Insomnia: Never.

Job Title: System Analyst. (Those who need explanations of my job, please buy five licenses of our product and then I will demonstrate you who I am. Hurray!!!)

Living Arrangements: With a Room mate, but barges into Abhi and Co to play Badla, Discuss Cricket, Politics, Football, Cinema and PJ. (Yesterday Aravind and PP has granted me a probation period at their house folks!!! )

Most Admirable Traits: Me.. About Myself... Well let me think and get back to you on this.

Number of Sexual Partners: None

Number of times in hospital: Twice. I had an incision to be done on my right toe on a cist that was developed after playing football without shoes at college and another time to remove a growth that develped on my right foot.

Phobias: Height. And now Bangalore Traffic. Phew I go nuts. !!

Quote: ‘It's all a matter of time.’

Religion: Hindu.

Siblings: A sister younger to me.

Time I Wake Up: 7.30 - 8 on weekdays. 10AM + on weekends

Unusual Talent or Skill: Oh yea!! "Thozhaying"(slashing outside off stump) to Abhi's and Guru's balls while playing Badla. The next best talent after me is Gautam Gambhir and to an extend Yuvraj Singh. But seriously none, I do everything a bit here and there. Frustrations, Photography, Bathroom Singing, and Coding ;) .

Vegetables I Love: Well None of them. I am A HARDCORE NON VEGGIE. Non Vegetarianism ZINDABAD.

Worst Habit: Being Kallippified (Getting Angry for the Non-Malayalees) for anything which may not be relevant.

X-Rays: None.

Yummy Food I Make: Chicken Curry (I think I am best at this !!), Cherupayar Curry. Dal in different varities, Egg Burji. Well If you thought I am kidding, no man I am SERIOUS on this. I enjoy cooking. (Now Silverine, don't put up my profile to those Ungles and Aundiees of yours for their Man Hnt.)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

People tagged to do it: Anyone who would like to tell a bit about themselves.

Friday, June 16, 2006

the royal tag of four

I took up Alexis’ Tag and was also tagged by Silverine

4 jobs I’ve had:
1. Instructor at a Computer Institute, Guest Lecturer who would fly around colleges taking classes at an hourly rate;).
Lecturer (Ad hoc).
Software Engineer to Technical Associate
System Analyst

4 films I could watch again and again:
1. Thoovanathumbikal.
Notting Hill.
The Silence of The Lambs.
Chupke Chupke (Old One).

4 places I’ve lived in:
Vadakara, My Home.
4. Mumbai & Pune and now Bangalore.

4 TV series I like to watch:
1.Tom & Jerry.
The Wall
The World This Week (If Prannoy Roy starts airing it again)
FTV Photographers :-).

4 places that I’ve been on vacation to:
2. Murud - Janjira, Harihareshwar, Mahabaleshwar, Malshej, Bhimashankar – Places around Pune in Bikes
Orlando, Miami, Florida Keys.
4. Ootty, Kanyakumari, Kodaikanal, Mysore, Bangalore

4 websites I visit everyday:
Cricinfo, rediff, Prem Panicker’s Blog Sightscreen.
My and My Blog-mates sites.
3. Daily Sites of Manorama, Deshabhimani, Madhyamam, The Hindu.

4+4+4 books I’d love to read again and again:
Well I decided to Follow Alexis on this. Sorry Silverine :-)
1. Naalukettu and Randamoozham by M.T.
Khasakinte Ithihasam by O.V Vijayan.
Smarakashilakal by Punathil Kunjabdulla.
Mayyazhipuzhayude Theerangalil by M. Mukundan.
Kite Runner by Khaled Hossaini.
The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris.
Any R.K Narayan Story.
Vaanaprastham, Kuttyedathi, Iruttinte Aathamaavu, Sherlock and Ninte Ormakku and all short stories by M.T.
Any Basheer story.
P. Padmarajan’s Scripts (Especially Nammukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal).
Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourtt.
Short Stories by T. Padmanabhan.

4 favorite dishes:
1. Rice, Fish Curry and Fish Fry
Chicken Biriyani, which is typical Malabari.
Kappa and Meen Curry (Of Course).
Porotta and Chicken Curry

4 places where I’d like to be right now:
At Home.
At Pune.
At any beautiful locality in UK.
4. At Germany, U know why..

4 people I’m gonna tag:
1. Pophabhi.. (Ha Ha Ha .. njan maru goal adiche… ).
Seena .. (I know you are getting Bored there..).
Any one interested in this.. TP, Joju .. wanna try.. my old tag is still pending you know.

And that was my 50th Post on Mujhe Rang De.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

abad, an interview and myself

Hotel Abad Plaza, Cochin.

That didn't ring many of you a bell right ? What is there that is to be told about to be a star hotel in Cochin.
For me and scores of those students who were aspiring to be software engineers, Abad was the destination, where one would rush off after clearing of those strenuous tests from SHREDS Kerala, Edapalli.

Its would all start with the advent of the glorious final year of the college. People are busy to get a job, and get registered in SHREDS. And then for people like me the cycle starts, an early morning bus or an evening train to Cochin, reach Edappalli High School and then that long queue for the registration with a Hall ticket and 100bucks and loads of marklists copies stacked up, filed and held on to your armpit. It was a site you know, people from all over Kerala concentrated at a single center with hopes and aspirations. Companies came and went. When we hear abt the CTC, we will divide it by 12 and think about the money we are getting in our hands monthly.

"Oh Da Mone, 12000 Rupa masathil entha pinne vende..". A he or she will yell.

After those vicious tests, some pass some fail. Those who fail, catch the next bus and return back to their colleges and those who pass catch the next Red Bus to Abad Plaza. By the time one reaches there, his attire would have changed. He would have put in a nice tie and full sleeve shirt and inserted it and will look a perfect executive. I don't think one will get a good reception while you enter, atleast I felt so. They needn't to rt? Who are you after all for them, just another passer-bye. The person at the door himself will know where the person should be seated and then you have to go there and just wait. Wait for the time when your name is called. Then when it is called, you walk with your body shivering unless you are some real cool guy like Kich.

I still remember those long narrow corridors were I waited for my Future Soft Interview. My Anonymous ex Roommate was there on the other side, and then there were also my other friends. As I enter the room, I remember seeing this really beautiful HR lady, whom I looked for a few moments or so.

"Hello Dhanush". She said and thus started my first professional interview. I remember I was trembling and stammering a lot and also in the whatever time I could face her, I was admiring her beauty :-). She might taken notice of that admiration and must have thought, this guy will be after me if I take him aboard and thus I didn't pass the first round.

Since it was my first chance I was never worried, I came back to Edappalli High School and attended tests. With the Industry booming like a rocket, companies came in thick and large. But never I climbed those stairs of Abad Plaza again, until during that Onam a company called Mahindra British Telecom Ltd came and I passed the test, probably because all the creamy guys of our class and other colleges joined the mighty companies which came earlier with better pay package and higher cutoff mark. Or else in plain words, I was just too bad to clear them off. I remember one day my father asked me about the complexities of these tests. He would have thought why I am not clearing, while a lot of my friends and his friends children got into big companies. Also with the amount of money I was spending, it was quite normal to a father to be anxious abt his child. But worse memory was a classmate of mine asking me

"Neeyokke kore kaalaayallo pokunnu, ennittu vallathum aayo".

Well whatever is the case, MBT asked me to report at Abad at around 7 in the evening. There was my close friend Sandeep, Joju, Abhilash n KP of ECE and a few others I don't remember. I wore the best shirt I had, a beautiful checked one which my aunt gifted me. I dont remember if I tied up a tie, no I didn't. And I waited in that soft sofa.

Finally I was called, and the person was a techie guy and unleashed a lot of question. Operating Systems, DBMS, Compilers. It was an okey-dokey interview and I still remember one funny answer I gave. The person asked about different keys in RDBMS and asked What a composite key is.
"Sir, we study DBMS this semester and that portion haven't been yet covered. We have reached till Primary and Secondary Key only" . Huh what an answer- he might have thought. But somehow he must have been satisfied with my performance on the other questions and I got selected to the next round.

Now only Vivian Fernandes stood in front of me and an offer. At 10 in the night I was called up by him for the HR round. After the formal introduction, he asks me:

"How long is Calicut from Cochin". Oops, what kind of question is that. I think, but gave the answer too and then he explains me that he needs to go there for some function. He made me comfortable and so I could open up during the talk, ask abt the company and other blah blahs. The final question from my part was, when are the results going to be published.

He replied "Before Satyam guys are gonna catch you".

Satyam Computers were coming the next day and that reply of his gave me a faint hope, but I dwelled it down telling to myself - If you are worth it, you are gonna get it, otherwise you perish.

Next day it was Seena's Birthday. We never knew each other that time, otherwise I am sure she would have gave me a treat.
Next day I reached there early, for the Satyam test. Registered for the test and as I was abt to attend it, the results came in. I didn't knew it, then I saw Sandeep running towards me, with a big smile on his face and finger pointing towards me.
"Eda mone, nee select aayada". Well that may not be the exact words, but that's what he conveyed. I hugged him and asked, "What abt you "
"Its only you,da, only you". I was crying with both joy and sorrow. Happy beacuse I got in, but sad because my best buddy with 10% marks more than me not getting through. I was really sad, for the earlier night while walking back home he said, "Just think we both in Pune together, adichu polikkada". And that wish was not going to happen. I think he was lucky to be in a different stream and take up his own career different from the software world and today he is settled and all set to marry his sweetheart.

I was the 25th person from my class of 51 to be campus selected. The next day we had a meeting with the MBT guys where MBT T-Shirts were distributed. 6 people including me were selected from GECT to join on August 6th 2001 at the Pune office and only I joined them on June 2nd 2003 at Mumbai.

A few good memories after I got job:
- When I was telling Vrinda Madam about my MBT result, she told me that she was always thinking it was high time I too got somewhere, while others were conveying their success stories earlier.
- Tanuja telling me her mother used to ask her whether I got in to some company.
So there were a few people who thought I could do it much before.

But then as another friend of mine says, It just a matter of time, Dhanush

Sheesh .. Loooooong Post, but not bad alle?

PS: Abad was reminded to me today by a friend of mine and this post is dedicated to that person who triggered me to unleash a good memory from the beautiful college days. Those were the best days of my life.