Thursday, February 08, 2007

living out of a suitcase

Its going to be another 46 days of struggle in this cold winter.
Its white outside. Icy. The temperature at freezing -16 degree celsius. And I am sitting in this cozy office, feeling the first hints of jetlag.

I am here in Troy, Michigan to live out of my suitcase for next 2 months. Big talks, Big discussions and Little work seems to be the schedule. Let me hope for the best.

The New Year born for me with me riding a whopping 400 km from my house in Vadakara to Bangalore. And in the second month I have travelled kilometers and kilometers to reach an American Junction. It should be a travel-fun-filled year ahead. And I am waiting for that.

Cheers Guys
Enjoy where ever you are.

P.S. I miss my bird, my Red.