Saturday, January 28, 2006

the strange hang over

You can have hang over after having drunk too much, having 3 bottles of KF strong is good enough for that. But what do you say when I got a hang over after watching a movie. I watched Rang De Basanti today. Yes, it is a great film. The Generation will Awaken, I think.

I had always this problem like a character hangover when ever I read something around. That happened with Amir and Hassan in the KiteRunner and also with MT in his short story 'Thettum Thiruthum. Always there are a few characters which you keep close to your heart in the movie. Range De Basanti also gave a few of them, Diljeet akka DJ, Aslam, Sukhi, Karan, Sonia, Sue, Laxman and Ofcourse Madhavan's Ajay Rathod. But who is that captures ones mind. I was ofcourse impressed with Atul Kulkarni's Laxman Pandey. Not with AK, or even Karan for that matter. Laxman Pandey, I think is politician personfied in good sense. From the way he reluctantly accepts the money from his leader, to the end of the movie where he accepts Aslam as his friend leaving his political idealogies. The way he breaks away from his party and party chief, the way he energises the other members of the gang. Hmm , Its always difficult for a politician to leave his idealogies, even if it is in a film. Reading the reviews I thought that he is the one problematci guy in the gang. But it turned otherwise. Bravo Laxman Pandey !!

PS: Man I still have a good hangover, just now downloaded a few trailers from the site at 11.30 PM IST :)

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pophabhi said...

Exactly da - I think we both saw it at the same time. Great movie, which is sure going to be ridiculed by a lot of sissies :). Only arguable points were a couple :
1. One you told to Kichan about peaceful demonstrations.
2. One I told Kichan about shoot at sight.

But movies essence does not restrict itself to just these whispers - the message is much louder.