Tuesday, January 31, 2006

love is fair?

All is fair in love and war - they say. Is it really true? Not in my case atleast. No I am not in love with anyone, not on phone for hours, not chatting with anyone at odd hours. But I must say , I am at the receieving end. I am staying with people who are in love with someone for 1,2,3 - 5 + years. So What ? You may think. Why I am at the receiving end.

1. The wakeup call that comes for my roommate from his girlfriend at 6.30-7AM in the morning and his answering "Honey, I will wake up by 8" , wakes me up from the sleep. I sleep at 1 AM in the morning after my 3-12 shift at office.

2. Another of my roommate using my personal laptop to chat with his girl for morning hours from 11 to1.30 and I waiting in my room watching the Idiot Box either cricket or some song or some uninteresting movie.

3. I call this another of my friend for shopping to select my dresses and its ends up he being on the phone with his girl and I selecting my good old weird colours and checks.

Now you people tell me. Is all fair in Love ??

PS : I had this friend in college who once during our last year told me , ' Dey, these are our last days, please leave us alone', when I approached him and his girl friend sitting on the gallery. Man I was hurt.


Anonymous said...

who is this second guy and when did u get net connection at home

eda pulu adikyade

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

Love is like that!!!

I had roommate, who was always in phone; 8hours.
Reliance is doing a lot of help for these people.

At that time of course we were irritated a bit.
he was always complaining about the volume while we watching movies and all.

Funny part: the man who fired him a lot is now on phone.
Marriage fixed. hence donation to BSNL.