Monday, March 06, 2006

raveendra sangeetham veendum

Thanks to my new timings. I am able to get up early and watch a few programmes on the TV. One such programme I watched today was a re-telecast of an old Raveendran Interview.
The Interviewer was Biju Narayanan and they were talking on the modus operandi of normal music direction - lyrics first, music after and music first , lyrics after(which is normally followed these days).
The film they discussed was Mizhi Randilum and the song was "Enthinaayi Nin Valamkayyin..". According to Raveendran , Ranjith, the director asked him to compose a tune where a sister sings a song for her younger sis whose marriage is fixed. The first thing Raveendran thought about was the same situation in an old movie of music director Baburaj and the song , "Annu Ninte Kavilithra Thudithitilla..." and when the lyricist Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma-Vayalar Ramavarma's son- called Raveendran to ask about the mood of the lyrics, he said to follow the same theme of the Baburaj Song. So he wrote "Enthinaayi Nin Valamkayyin.." on Babukka's tune - (Those who know the tune and lyrics try singing it - it is a perfect match) and handed it over to Raveendran.
Obviously Raveendran cannot put it in the same tune. And he created a wonderfull high pitch music for "Enthinaayi Nin Valamkayyin.." which was sung by one and only K.S Chitra. And man what a song that is.
So one song that can be sung in two tunes. Absolute Raveendran Magic. Oh God why did you pluck him away so early, why you didnt allow us to hear more Raveendra Sangeetham.

"Innumente Kannuneeril Ninnorma Punchirichu
Eeran Mukil Maalakalil Indradhanussenna Pole"


Suneesh TP said...

True...Raveendran's music was always a real class apart. His soulful melodies and classical based songs are always a pleasure to listen..

I remember how much I loved watching "Raveendra Sangeetham", a series of interview program with Raveendran in Kairali TV...and there was his famous onam song in the background when the program starts "Uthradapoo nilave vaa..."

pophabhi said...

Da -
Satyam! One of the best music directors to grace the sands of Kerala. Ninte music jnaanam kollamallodaa!! Super!! Although Raveendran sir is not in the same mould or style as Baburaj, without doubt, both have entertained us with a lot of melodious treats!
Vaarmazhaville....ezhaazhakellam neelambarathil maanjuvalle!

Anonymous said...

God is jealous of us, having listening to this music magician whose melodies crush the heart and render the unstopable ganges of tears to flow. But this one I will never forgive you Oh God.