Friday, March 31, 2006

15 days

Yet Another March comes to an end in another few hours. For me, the Systems Analyst, its just another weekend, may be an exteded one. If I was living 5+ Years before, it would have been the end of an academic year.

Yes, March, the month which schools and colleges goes into summer vacation. The month where sun blazes, but still the child in me goes out to my ancestral houses, wanders around my household with my friends, playing cricket in that idavazhi where if you hit on the sides you are out. The month which colleges close, hostels become empty, A & B Mess's of GECT closes. The month where that huge ground will be almost empty, except for the athletic Vimala-ites and early morning footballers.

She will be lonely at this time, my college my alma-mater, with students leaving for the vacation and study leaves. The room no 226 where we were taught the ABC's of Fortran, which have that small platform from which Data Structures and operating Systems came out of our teachers. I will be there to call a proxy for my best friends. No 14.
To the left was the computer lab, where I by-hearted a few codes, to get through the Compiler Design and Artificial Engineering practicals. I walk down the steps to the canteen, to sip a chaya. Further down across the Chemical Block, I see the new CompSci block, which was made in the form of a Naalukettu. I remember its birth, we sat there for a few hours of our attendance. Took pictures during our last year.

Across the ground, I see the C Hostel standing tall in its pride. The ground where I played N number of cricket and football games. The center pitch where I on-drived JimChak for a six over the midwicket. The small volleyball court where Dileep's Smash came straight to my face and split my specs into two, one for left eye and another for right. The hostel where 13 of us, the CSE would be engineers, played, quarrelled, chatted and less studied. If C 11 was the PJ center C18 was our party office, where we brought out skits, programs and Tryst. C49 was my humble abode , at the top floor with an "anonymous" room mate, who gave an impression that he is not studying for exams, but always had 70+ percentage. Across that room was Shimmy Thomas and Sandeep, to the right there was Mammali. To the left there was an RT, whom once I gave therrivilleess for taking my bucket.

Fifteen days from now, I am going to relive these moments.

She will be waiting for us.


yetanother.softwarejunk said...


Hope we can meet there in full swing.
eagerly waiting !!!

Anonymous said...

feeling nostalgic...


PS: Dont forget to visit Alpha.

Suneesh TP said...

quite nostalgic, I wish if we get those days back :-(

I am sad that I can't make it for this get-together.