Friday, March 17, 2006

the golden 'rani'

I am a hardcore Cricket fan. Keeping an eye on all the cricket matches happening internationally is in my blood. Also those Ranji/Duleep/Irani Trophies too. But today I pay tribute to a person who won a Commonwealth Gold for India.
Its Kunjarani Devi. The 38 year old lady from Manipur who lifted 166 Kg in snatch and clean n jerk events in Weightlifting.
I salute the spirit of this lady whom we all do not know, who doesn't yearn accolades like an Anju Bobby George or a Beenamol, who is still craving to see an Indian gold at this age.
I salute the way these guys work to bring our country on the World Map and make us proud. They don't have any endorsement or sponsors, they don't create a Sania Mania or Dhoni Dhamaka and they fight all kinds of difficulties all the way from the officials to the coaches.
They just perform

Hats Off To You Ma'am


Suji said...

Yes hats off to her. And I just heard on TV that she has a record of always winning a medal in whichever event she participates in.

Krishnan said...

my hats off too

Alexis Leon said...

Unsung heroes and heroines they surely are… The nation is indebted to them…

Was really nice of you to reminding us about them.