Monday, March 27, 2006

he was unique

Kunjunni Mash passed away, while I was busy losing the rummy games. Who was he to me? No one. But he was a master to the child in me. Not to me, but to a lots of children around the world. The one who came in as Kuttetan in Mathrubhumi Weekily and edited and corrected their small poems and stories. The one who sat around with children and sang poems along with them. The one who can be compared with VKN in short stories, he was the one who bought in new trend of KuttiKavithas and his own "prayogam"s to Malayalam literature.
"Pokkamilaymayaanente pokkam" speaks about his uniqueness. His poems had 2 or 4 lines, may be one. But they conveyed the message.

A few tributes here:

Aana Pokunna Poomarathinte Keezhe Pokunnatharedo
Aaranumalla Kooranumalla Kunjunni Mashum Kuttiollum

Janikkum Nimisham Thottenmakaninglish Padikkanam
Athinaal Bhaarya Than Per-ang-Englandil Thanneyakki Njan

The Malayali will miss him.


pophabhi said...

All those pazhamchollus, kochukavithakal - They are history now. A big loss for a big crowd, who are/were children.

Aayi Daayi Muttayi
Thinnappozhenthu Ishtaayi
Thinnu Kazhinjappol Kashtaayi.

Kunjunni maashinu adaranjalikal!

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

yup, He is unique !!

I never heard the simpler poem than his.