Thursday, March 02, 2006

che, ee manushyanu naanamille .. (isn't this man ashamed)

That was the one liner which was quite popular in an early nineties Malayalam Movie Vandanam in which the heroine asks the one and only Mohanlal when he is persuading her to fall in love with him.
I too only have that to ask Mr Greg Chappell, coach Indian Cricket Team, about his recent statements on Ganguly. I agree that SG may not be giving any energy to the Indian team due to his bad form at that time, but that never made him from not being a successfull captain. And his allegation that he was hunging onto the captaincy because of the finances that it provide to him.
I think somebody must go up and tell Mr Chappel that how rich Ganguly was even before he was in the Indian Team. And I am not aware of any benefits the Captain gets on monetary front, because of leading the team. ( Some one please help me here .. ).
This man is just seeking personal vendetta. Nothing else. Otherwise why should he just give these comments when Ganguly is doing nothing and may be played a not-so-good-not-so-bad innigs in the Deodhar Trophy. Just to bring down his morale ??
It was nice to see that Ganguly hasn't still lost that fighting power which he used to display off and on the field. Hope BCCI will look into it properly and not as an "anti-Dalmiya" Issue. And atleast this time Mr Greg would hang own to his statement and not say it was "misintepreted" by the media.
One last word to Mr Chappel, this was such a bad thought. No wonder you only can think in that terms, for you are the only one that engineered the popular under-arm-bowling. Such a gandi and neech soch.
Hats Off Mate.


Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Another Story abt Ganguly's Finances

Krishnan said...

Agree with you that Greg Chappell has crossed the line and should stop talking abt SG. I think its just his penchant for giving interviews combined with foot in the mouth disease that has landed him in another contraversy. Personal vendetta?? Nah.. SG is down and almost out.