Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"enthoru sspppeeeed"

Bharat Gopi passed away.

One of the best actors in Malayalam Film Industry is now no more. My first memory of him is his role in "Ente Mamattikutti Ammaykku" and he was always one of my favourite actors, most probably because he always reminded me of my father, with his baldness and name. As Panchayath President Jeemootha Vahanan Pillai in Panchavadi Paalam he excelled. That was his best comic role perhaps. Then one day he burst again on to matinee minds with his character in "Patheyam". I haven't seen many of his movies, but he was always a special one for me and whenever I got a chance, I tuned onto the movies of him that came in the TV Channels. Malayalam Cinema will miss him.

Many Tributes Sir, You will be definitely missed.

Picture Courtesy: Manorama

P.S: The Title of this post is from one of his dialogues in "Kodiyettam"


pophabhi said...

Da Dhanu....Dont we think alike? Telepathy? Amazing da!
I break my interval from blog after 4 months with same topic, and you chose exactly the same thing to write on this day. Even the dialog 'enthoru speed' is replicated. Kai kodedaa!! Nee aanu Mr.Perrera

Alexis said...

Nice one Dhanush...Similar post at Abhi's blog. Coincidence or telepathy?

But he was a great actor and will surely missed by all film lovers.

Anonymous said...

@Alexis: No idea Alexis, how that happened. Seems some kind of telepathy went through us :). A blog on Bharat Gopi, could be expected from any one at that time. But it is the fact that, it took this instance for Abhi to come out of his shell and post a new one on his blog and that too with almost same thinking on Kodiyettam, is astonishing me. May be we are simply special :)

Preethika said...

So back after a long hiatus...

I didn’t know that he passed away recently….. yup he was a good actor. Though not in my list of favourites, still I liked him in the roles he played.

A lot of good Malayalam actors are passing away… Infact, I feel Malayalam film industry is one such where the veterns are still present on the celluloid as they were in 80s or early 90s and are not lost in the crowd of new comers.

I can’t even imagine what would become of malyalam cinema sans Innocent, Jagathi, KPSC et.al (yes, apart from the big stars).

May Bharat Gopi’s soul rest in peace… As you said, he would be missed by us….