Monday, February 11, 2008

a story... after a loooooooong time...

Yea. Its really a long time since I wrote something seriously on the story front. 18 months to be exact. Writer's Block some say :).

This piece of thread grown with me ever since the reality shows started on our TV channels. At that time I thought it as a huge platform for youngsters to showcase their talent. Then the juniors started showing up. I was skeptical, having doubts in my mind after seeing kids crying and asking for votes. I asked myself, isn't this too much?. Then one fine day I saw an ad by a leading diapers manufacturer inviting children of the age 0-2 for a competition. This made me so much angry. And the out come was this story.

Even though that happened an year ago, I could put words onto my thoughts only yesterday. I churned on the idea, told the first draft of the version to my dear friend. Only thing she wanted was to change the ending. Later I forgot about it some times; remembering it occasionally in my busy days. And then finally at the start of last week I decided to give a life to it. I started penning it down, and it was not easy to get a head start. Finally I took the bulk of yesterday to finish it, edit it and convert it to a full fledged story. Rajan in the story, is mostly me (of course I am not married :) ) and Deepa too exist. But they are not living as mentioned in the story.

Hope you guys enjoy it and do comment out your voices. Criticisms are much appreciated; both positive and negative.

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