Wednesday, February 13, 2008

some strange vacation requests

One Friday an young "intellectual" who is working as a project intern in an organization, walks into his team leader's (TL) cubicle. The team leader is busy with his implementation and customization stuff of the world renowned product.

"Saar..", the intern calls..
"Mmmm..", TL is busy fixing his code base, with his brain and mind deep inside the matrix of code. He is "The One"; some believe and constantly asks himself - "What is the Matrix?".
"Saaaaaar..", the intern lets out a deep moan.
"Yessss.. Tell me", TL still deep down in lappie.
"I need leave Sir this coming Monday.. mmm.. I have a function at...", the intern requests with moist eyes
"Ok. No problem.", TL granted leave without looking at the intern. (See the TL is intelligent enough to identify the person from the voice)

The Intern doesn't leave the arena.. still standing behind our TL..

"Saaaaaar...", then intern calls his TL again.
"Mmmm.. Bolll...", TL almost yells, but his concentration deep in garbage collecting (the unreferenced objects in his code).
"Saaaaar I need one more leave on next Friday... I have another function at...", the intern requests with more moist eyes
"Ok. No problem.", TL granted leave without looking at the intern. (See the TL is too intelligent to grant a second leave in the same week to his team member. He knows his work status and work load by-heart with out even checking the MS Project Plan)

The Intern doesn't leave the arena.. still standing behind our TL..

"Mmmm.. Ab Kya Hai??" TL still in the same state. This time his brain is fighting with "Agents" in the code.
"Saar.. I want to go home on next Friday..", the intern repeats the request with eyes almost opening the floodgates to erupt.
"I granted you naa.. you come back from function on Tuesday and go home on Thursday.." said the TL with his brain still inside the lappie

After a dignified silence the intern cries out;

"Saaar.. It won't be easy for me to come back on Tuesday and go back again on Thursday.. the function is happening at my home only Saar.. it will be very tiring to travel saar.. so faaarrr from here saaaar... so I will come back only the next to next Monday after leaving for home today..!!!."

A sudden loud noise went out - "cling.. clang.. clong.. tishkyu.. tishkyu.. dishum.. dishum.."

Tail piece: BBC radio later in the day reported that the TL's *JVM crashed and all the objects are now wandering in the virtual world of classes, objects and threads as zombies. The sound due to the crash was so unbearable that it was measured to be more than that of a 'un-crashed' MIG sortie. The employees of the entire organization where this JVM crash happened were admitted to the Manipal Hospital for further checkup on their Cochlear nerve, Eustachian Tube and Ear Drum.

*JVM - Java Virtual Machine


b v n said...

Recession round the corner saar, kindly adjust, they'll post your story on corporate billboards by morning :-)

embedded blogging :)

Jiby said...

lol...dhanush this was rocking man...i couldn't stop laughing here. these two fellows seem like a picture right out of any IT department.

like your intern i have this habit of going to meet my manager, looking over his shoulders and waiting for him to smell/hear/see me.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, nice one man. Didnt see that coming. Keep it flowing...