Monday, January 14, 2008

telling my dreams...

Between yesterday night 11.30 pm and today morning 5.35 am it was a roller coaster sleep ride for me. Thanks to the spirits and the light dinner, I could hit the bed as soon as I came in. Thank God I was in my senses to remove my shoes and mobile and purse from my pocket, but I didn't change my clothes. And I never bothered even to look at the Vadakkan Aithihyamala that I had started reading yesterday. It was just plain and simple doze off.

Then they came one after another. The dreams. The first one was mild and here it goes.

Rahul, my ex-roommate in Pune calls up Vasanthi on Radio City Breakfast Show and tells that he is calling from Gloucestershire and need to dedicate a song urgently. She then asks him to whom all he wants the song to be dedicated. He says to his parents, wife, sister and Pillu and Dhanno. Then she asks who is this Pillu and Dhanno. He says they are his room mates from Pune.

Thanks Ramlal, that was so sweet of you even though it was in dreams :)

The next one was a slightly violent one and the protagonist in that was Gopettan, my fellow Himalayan Odyssey rider and the one who is shaping my RED up to match Abhi's Kuttappan.

In the dreams, I follow the treads of a motorcycle tyre. I see a vague skeleton of my RED and then some parts of it including the old tyre and the shelled out stuff from the silencer. Tears tickle down from my eyes as I follow the tread and far away I can see her in a completely new getup with Gopettan lying comfortably on her. I climb up the hill and ask him,
"Why are you not giving the bike back to me?"
Then Gopettan replies -"Why didn't reply back to my e-mails? "
Well what e-mail can a person, who is completely away from the Web World, send all of a sudden?
"What e-mail Gopetta?" I ask.
"Those e-mails which I send to you about the Design and Development of the Free flow engine and Development? Why didn't you take time to understand it and get back to me with your doubts? Until you give me a clear answer I won't give the bike back to you."
I walk back perplexed, eager to check my mails and reply to Gopettan, but as I logged in there wasn't any mail from him. My Inbox was empty. There was no mails from no one. Far away from the hill, RED had started speeding down. But this time Gopettan was not riding her. She was rolling herself.

In my next dream she came. That violent beauty who scared us all with psychosis in 1993 and who still have it across languages and states. "Naan Thaan Nagavalli". This time she was standing with Sreedevi near the temple pond steps. That time she was Ganga and was with Alli. Probably she was angry with Nakulan, for not letting her go along with others to take Alli's ornaments, the Nagavalli in her decided to set Sreedevi's Sari in fire. I was there watching these beautiful women from the other side of the pond. And as soon as the fire set ablaze, I screamed. "Ayyoo Thee Thee Thee, Fire Fire Fire". Hearing my screams Ganga then caught hold of Sreedevi's Pallu and removed just the fire from the sari Pallu. I could see fire on her hands which she put down into the pond, and the Sari was intact on Sreedevi's body. It was as if Ngavalli plucked away the fire from Sreedevi's Sari. Seeing this I screamed more loudly and violently. Ganga,Nagavalli, Sreedevi and Alli guffawed at me. The one loud wild laugh that sends spine chilling fear even into the Meppadans, Brahmadattans and Kathanaars. "Ha Ha Ha Ha ha .. hee ha ha ha ha ha ha haa ha ha ha haaaaaaa"

Then I woke up. Drank water, changed my clothes and came back and lied down. I recited "Rama Rama" and "Narayana Narayana". I even tried "Arjunan, Phalgunan, Parthan..", but sleep never came. Around 7 am I prepared Tea, took bath and came to office.

What do I do with these dreams? Guess, 2008 will be a sleepless year for me. All those 3 dreams just had a common thing. I talked about Rahul, I called Gopettan to know status of the work and I saw a movie (Finger Print-waste of a film) which had a story about a murder happening in Royal family and all these happened yesterday. I wish I could interpret these dreams to get a more clarity on my life. This is not the first time dreams scared me to the core. On an another occasion, in my dreams I saw my colleague, Thanneer, getting a new Nokia N90 phone. It was a weekend night and next Monday, he threw away his old Nokia 3310 and got a brand new Nokia Phone, only thing different was it was not N90, but some other model. I wondered that day if I will be the Nostradamus. Could I predict stuff? But then I saw another dream and prayed I don't want to be Nostradamus.That was even more scary.

Where do these dreams lead me to? Can I foresee something for the future? Can I direct my life to move in the right way? I don't know. Nor I do have the answers now.

May be I should start reading Freud !!

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silverine said...

I think we all go through this. Even I have. Then I met a psychologist, a senior colleagues husband and he said that dreams were nothing but the brain doing a clean up job and should be ignored :) Since then I am at peace.

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Hmmm... but some dreams, just cant be ignored. They keep on haunting you for some days :). If the brain is doing a clean up job, then its better. Atleast some clay from head(and mind) will go off :)