Monday, January 07, 2008

chak de india..

"Only one team was playing with the spirit of the game, that's all I can say"

Anil Kumble,the entire nation will be behind you Sir. And we all know who was playing the game in the right spirit, for we are the ones who get up early in the mornings and follow the ball from day one. And do not worry, we will be up early in the morning for Perth. Fight it out. For the first time, this country of 1 billion will not ask questions of your loss, will not burn up any effigies, since we all saw what had happened there.

Ricky Ponting, Yes Sir your integrity to the game is questionable. One honest admission doesn't cover up for 2 other dishonest acts. You may be the best number three batsmen in the world, you may have 33 centuries to your repertoire, but that one appeal for that catch you took at silly mid off take out all the shine around you and it says all over that you are not to be trusted any more on the field. Yes Sir, we do question your integrity.


Alexis said...

Well said buddy. Completely agree with you...

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

Yes sir, the entire nation will be behind you!!