Monday, April 16, 2007

brides wanted ... "ahem ahem"

Hindu Boy, to be 27 soon, BE working as no-work-but-sleeping specialist in an MNC in Bangalore, seeks fair, good looking, educated bride, provided she is ready to do the following:
  • Cook "Ayala" and "Mathi" Fry as many as he wants. (Ranges from 4 pieces to half a kg)
  • Cook Kozhikodan Shtyle Fish Curry made in earthen pot with Coconut Paste.
  • Cook Beef Fry, Chicken Curry, Chicken Biriyani
  • Cook "Erisseri", "Puttu", "Kadala" and "Cherupayar".
  • Eat Non Veg :)
  • Make Good Strong "Adicha" Tea.
  • Shout against the groom when he shouts at his heights of "kalipification".
  • Sit on bike for a looooong time since this guy has no intention of using a Car.
If all the criteria satisfied then please send Biodata, Horoscope, Photo, Experience Certificate in Cooking to The Kaalakoodam Dinapatram, PO BOX 97714,Utopia.

Age/Caste/Religion No Bar if all the criteria are met.

Tail piece: A Classified Ad designed for me, if I ever put one up, by my mom, sis and myself. My uncle later added -"സൌന്ദര്യം അല്പം കുറഞ്ഞാലും സാരമില്ല, പുട്ടുണ്ടാക്കാന്‍‌ അറിയണം എന്നതാണു ഓന്റെ മെയിന്‍‌ ആവശ്യം."


കൊച്ചുത്രേസ്യ said...

Yippee..One more Puttu lover!!!
My search ends here.. No..its not you. Its the ad. I'm gonna use the same with following modifications-

1) 'bride wanted' will be replaced with 'groom wanted'
2)'cook' will be replaced with 'Cook or buy from nearby hotel'
3)'Tea' will be replaced with 'Naranga Vellam'
4)'sit on the bike ....'statement will be replaced with 'sit and talk..'

Thank u so much..

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Well , there is a small query :). The emphasis for selction seems to be cooking skills than gal :).

Alexis said...

Two puttu too. Even after eating puttu all these years (when I was doing my B.Tech and M.Tech) I used to survive on puttu (3 times a day on most days)and omelets. Still love them. A very versatile dish...The combination starts from black coffee, payar and pappadam, kadala curry, chicken or beef curry/fry, banana and so on.

@NC: You didn't get the point. The emphasis is on the girl. A girl who meets all the criteria will be an exceptional one
@LF: Same for the guy :-)

All the best Dhanush. Once in a while I can drop in and have breakfast/lunch/dinner with you :-)

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

ethinnu ninakku wife???

appoint a cook immediately :-)

silverine said...

hmm after careful consideration of the kaaliphikashun of the bride to be it is my sincere suggestion that you contact the Kerala Coir Board. They have nice door mats :p

Good one LOL

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

LFPuttu Aikyam zindabad. Seriously Puttu is so important item in our breakfast that you don't get anywhere else. As Alexis said any combination is welcome with it. BTW welcome here
NC I think Alexis summed up my answer for you. It's just written on the basis of a humorous pep talk happened at my home.
Alexis Thanks. Will let you know when I cherish my dream ;)
Silverine I hope you took in the same humorous way as you write in Poomanam :)

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

YASJ Ayyoo Ninne Vittu Poyi ;)
Theetayil ennekalum kemanaaaya nee ennodu ithu parayaruthu ;)

silverine said...

@dhanush: Of course I took it in a humorous vein ;)
p.s what is it with guys and puttu ? My second bro can live on it 24/7/365. I love puttu too, but as a breakfast only :D

Jiby said...

man, i strongly suggest u put up this ad and see what responses u get...amongst all the ads which celebrate a guy's career, family, good habits or demands a gal with the same above said attribute this ad might just stand out...hehe!

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Silverine :)
Jiby Lokaya lokathile feministukalude kayyil ninu enne thallu kolliche adangu alle

VINI said...

I guess u'll stay a bachelor for life :))...maybe u should put up the ad just for kicks and see what comes up!!!!!!

Suji said...

Putturumeesine polle oru puttudhanusho?

pophabhi said...

MAS hotelile ammini chechiye alleda nee udheshichathu. Satyam para!! :))
Nice one da!

ബീന സാബു said...

i am sure you will get teh right one.. the choice of ur mind.. if u give "COOK WANTED'" instead of "Bride Wanted".
Bride ennu koduthu mon orikkalum Cook ine kittum ennu praatheekshikanda..

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, very nice read indeed. GOod one Dhanu :)

And welcome to the puttu club.
Like your uncle's comment. Kodede angorku 10 marku :)