Tuesday, April 03, 2007

lest we forget

In the midst of a disastrous world cup, where a coach died and two paper giants lost...
In the country where the Sachin's and Sania's get the most adulation..
In a time where everyone is blaming every other layman for a world cup debacle ...

One man rose to the heights; in the world of one of the oldest games. A game which is supposed to have originated in India. A game where the Kasparovs, Kramniks and Karpovs ruled the roost for twenty long years. One man with his sheer Intelligence, Patience and Perseverance now rules the World of Rapid, Blindfold and Classical Chess.

Viswanathan Anand.

Lets forget the other sports persona for the time being; and celebrate his Number One ship in the FIDE ranking and let's not sink this historic moment in the heat of blame games now happening across India. Hats off to the AICF, who forgot their differences, and launched the protest against FIDE to include the Linares ratings into this months FIDE ranking List.

Congrats Vishy Anand. You have made us proud, at a time when our heads were down.


yetanother.softwarejunk said...

oru kachithumbu enkilium undu...
orikkal nammal hockey payatti nokki... cricket il nammal kazhije aarum ulloo !!! we have many Gods on this area... Chess-il enkilum oru Indian munpanthiyil undallo !!! :-)

Congrats Anand !!!

Anonymous said...

Kudos Dhanush for this timely post.
Perfect timing!
The "lest" in your caption is no more required...
Indians forgot Vishy!

This speaks volumes about our attitude towards any sport(s) other than cricket. Our media as always is least bothered to report Anand's fantastic achievement. They are still in the hang over of our world cup debacle, reporting those spicy "passing the buck" kind of grubby allegations and stories of out cricketers! The print media, at least in Mumbai, has not dedicated even a photo space to pay tribute to Vishy's great achievement. They all still carried a photo of Rahul Dravid taking bath in our very own Kovalam Beach! That too in front page!I really don’t know what news value that has got!
The Indian media never really reported FIDE's bias towards Vishy; never did they fight against FIDE for not including the Linares points earned by him in their first quarter list.
This world number one spot has always eluded Vishy even though he was always a Cut above the rest. Its high time that Indians forget the Team India’s cricket world cup catastrophe and get up on their legs to give a Standing ovation to Vishhy...He is now the Numero uno in Chess.
Congratulations Vishy! We are proud of you!

pophabhi said...

Jai Anand! You are the real star. You brot this @ the right time.
Actually we shud not forget our Kabbadi stars too. They are just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if he stil has Indian citicenship. I Think he settled in a foreign country.