Sunday, June 03, 2007

long time no see..

Yea ! Its been long time. I was lazy, to write, to blog, simply lazing around. Doing a lots of work, pissed off with the sys admin. And preparing for the ultimate adrenalin rush, mentally, physically and logistically.

On the Personal Front, I got older an year more, I am learning how to avoid questions like "When is the marriage?", "Enna ini ninte Kayyil ninnu orila choru kittunnathu" from the Dummies Book - Engane Anavashya Chodyangal Ozhivaakaam, I attended a lot of marriages, took photos, received the first monsoon rains with open hands and a camera at Kadappoor and Njeezhur in Kottayam District.

And then the finally there is The Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey and I and Abhi are doing it. Right now our babes are getting ready for the ride, and soon will be shipped to Delhi. We are flying to Delhi on 22nd June and 24th the ride will be flagged off from New Delhi. Delhi-Leh-Amritsar in 14days and 7th of July we will reach Amritsar, and finally on 9th back home.

Hmm.. It will be one experience.

Ride Safe.


Suji said...

Wow, exciting journey ahead for you. All the best. Enjoy!!!

Check out this link.

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

Nice to see your blog agian! enjoy Himalaya ride. I missed it :-(

Sathish Shanbhogue K said...

Congratulations Enjoy the ride. Take lots of Photo don't forget to publish it on blog.

Sarah said...

Have a safe trip!

pophabhi said...

Its in the reckoning now. Just 14 days to go. Be ready da. Build muscles. Run like hell and build stamina. Time for the most difficult climb of our life! :) And we are waiting!

!--SHANU--! said...

oru himalyan paripadithanne,
take some videos also.
all the best...!!