Friday, May 05, 2006

professionals .. are we?

"The new guys wouldn't be joining us on Monday." said my Boss.
"One guy is saying he has some family problems and the other said his company is asking for the Visa Bond Amount to be paid." He said as the resons why they are not joining.

These guys were interviewed a week after I joined on the 1st of March and was given a joining date of 8th May. They were given the expenses they needed to reach Bangalore from their town to attend the interview. They happily accepted the offer once they were selected and promised to join on time. Never ever did they talk about the above mentioned reasons. Now a week before, they are saying this, when my company called them up.

They must have been sent to a professional college to study about a professional job being done.. professionally. Right? So don't they have the minimum decency in saying that they can't accept the offer (For whatever resons it may be) some time after the job was offered. Or are these offers accepted just to shake their present managers and the company.

I have heard many a friends say this, if you want a good hike or your appraisal didnt satisfy you get a job and talk with your manager. True, we can do that, but then why you want to acccept an offer in that case. You can always tell them - "look I have a few things to think about and I will get back to you on this if I will accept it or not". In fact I myself has done this once when I wanted to move out of my project and I was not that happy with the offer that the new company offerend. So I never committed anything, but went back and talked to my existing boss. I am not justifying here what I had done is right, but I feel what they have did is not right. For that matter I did move out from my previous company after a few weeks, since the promises was not kept and I got a good offer. Then I put down my papers and had a smooth exit, eventhough that period was full of pressurising moments with people asking the reasons, offering me new challenges, new roles. I had a tough time to keep my mind from distracting and there by saved it from being a culprit to immense pressure.

And now we have to find out new resources, interview them , select them, give an offer and get them on board, all that will take time and money.

Professionals we are, and we need to be at the heart too.


pophabhi said...

As Alexis told, this is a game. Both sides play it. Some team members might be fair, some may not be. Some to lose, sometimes. It just happens. Market is good, and beggers are choosers now. Anyway, in general, its a win-win scenario.

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

@Alexis, Abhi - It is true that I wrote it from our perspective only. And it is a game played by bot of them. What I wanted was just a bit of decency, in saying it earlier that they won't join. In fact I had already jotted down the tasks that should be shared with one of them :-). Yea, at the end of it its another frustration;)

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

Dhanush, I am surprised to see this entry. though you are correct, you have faced enough from the other side. Many of our classmates were faced the same. As Abhi said it is a win-win scenario.