Friday, May 19, 2006

miss you

I always wondered what make you to a cool couple, and I am still searching the answer for that. I remember the warm shake hand that you both exchanged at the office reception on that rainy day. I was tense and alone, you were both smiling and talking. And while I was busy mugging up software engineering and Oracle Procedures, you were reading Harry Porter, and you got close. On one afternoon you told me "How would be it, if we got married ?". I was angry, I thought atleast you both would keep the "Friendship Tag" alive , but I was wrong and I was wrong for the whole eternity. Life taught me that good lovers were always best friends.
We had good time there, enjoyed our days, went to Hiranandani, ate our Tandoori Chickens, and got parted to Pune and Bangalore. But the chain of mails continued. You got married and I was not there physically to wish you. But I could see the marriage from miles apart. Only the second time I felt sorry of not attending a marriage, because we were not there.

The we re-grouped, but the 'we' were different this time. And slowly I drafted into the Bangalore Boyzone. The ride to your house always gave me the immense pleasure for I could ride my bike at 100kmph on that stretch of Intermediate Ring Road. We made GOA POA, we had awesome weekends with some 'fantabulous' hands on those rummies ( which had rules no one in this world knew except for you ;) ) and yes monopoly too(with much of this Kalipps displeasure).

Now you guys are moving on, but for a while. And since the world is small and we have promises to keep we will meet again.

But I will miss those weekends, that are not complete without you.
I will miss those dinners at Kayal.
I will miss those terribles.
I will miss those rummies.
I will miss those drives.
I will miss you both.

To a wonderful couple I have ever seen, Have a wonderful time there and all the best.
Be a cool couple :-)


yetanother.softwarejunk said...

enthonnadai ithu !!!

ee Saahithyakaranmare kondu thottu !!!
Aalukalkku manasilaavunna bhashayil parayooo makane.

Suneesh TP said...

I guess you mean your friends - Kich and Seena ?

Krishnan said...

cash ready aaki vecho.
njangal udane ethum

pophabhi said...
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pophabhi said...

Agree with you totally 100% complete muzhuvan!
Deys Kich...I guess we spent the first weekend without you both being here. Not the same, for sure - but we saved some money :). A cheers to the best couple!

Anonymous said...

hey puli, thanks! :)

and guys, save all your money. once we're back, the stakes will be in pounds ;)

- Seena