Thursday, April 27, 2006

abhi's tag

I have been tagged by the mad PophAbhi, and here goes my tag,

5 people who top your shit list….. and why:

  1. All the NRI/NRK Malayali parents who don’t teach their children to read and write Malayalam, by which the kids end up saying “korachu korachu malayalam
  2. All the politicians who caused the demolition of Babri Masjid and there by triggered all the riots and made India more vulnerable to terrorist attack.
  3. The Management which took the decision to revoke the offer of all the freshers who were to join my previous company in 2001 and there by causing a 2 year loss to my IT career.
  4. Mike Dennis for accusing Sachin Ramesh Tendlkar of ball tampering in 2001 SA Test Series.
  5. All the drivers who come across me when I am driving at night without dimming their headlights.
  6. A classmate of mine who even after being in town and even after calling him, didn’t come for our class get together that happened after 5 years.

Close brushes with death/danger:

  1. This is not any brush with death, may be with danger. I was upset with myself one day after my work in Calicut REC as Lecturer. I wanted to go home in the middle of the week and I drove my Kinetic Honda Scootter at a great speed from Calicut REC to Vadakara. I covered that entire distance of 75 kms in One and Half hour. At times I reached the speed of 80Kmph on that 100cc un-geared vehicle. Why it was dangerous? I was driving through Calicut Vadakara NH, where buses just brush you to the side and at evening after sunset. The most difficult time to drive any vehicle. I left at around 6.30PM from my room and was at home a little after 8PM. When I look back at that incident, I have a fear in me now. Oh God I was really nuts, that day.
  2. Again brush with Danger. Losing my way on the road from Malgaon (on NH 17in Maharashtra) to Harihareshwar. I had my friend Naveen along with me. Even though the time was around 8-8.30. The road was pitch dark, with no vehicles in front or back and no human beings around to ask a route. I still don’t know how I joined my other roadies who were waiting in a main junction.
  3. A funny one. Driving our Car on a very crowded Mavoor Road, Calicut and ogling at the crowd that was coming out of Kairali-Sree theatre. While the car was going left ready to get on to the footpath Achan “Kizhukking” my head by saying “Nere nokki odikeda.” (Look Straight and Drive)
  4. While playing volleyball at college on the ground in front of C Hostel. My Junior Dileep’s smash coming straight to my face and there by breaking the spectacles into two. The broken glasses missed my eyes just by a whisker.

5 Preferable modes of suicide, in descending order:

Had never thought of this at any point of time in my life, and I believe one has no right to take his life gifted by god.

5 Guilty pleasures:

  1. Waking up on a Saturday Morning in Pune at around 12 in the Noon. Completing the daily chores, preparing Chicken Curry on my own and then having it with A Kingfisher Strong Beer and Chappathi and sleeping again at around 5 in the evening.
  2. Calling up any known person from another phone and tell him/her that I am from some bank and you are supposed to pay X amount to the bank.
  3. Waking up at 3 in the morning to see India’s Test match against NewZealand.
  4. Writing up a Blog (including this) when I have a lot of work to do.
  5. Speeding my bike and touching her maxima(90-100kmh) on the way to Kich’s house and back(in Intermediate Ring Road).

5 things you never want to forget:

  1. My Close Friend Sandeep informing me that I was recruited to my previous company by campus selection. I hugged him and asked “What about you?” He was also there with me in the interview round. He said “Its only you man.” I was in tears, even though I got the job.
  2. Calicut REC Days with Sree and another good friend of mine.
  3. My sister getting into medical college with 167th rank. She had really worked for that, in her second attempt.
  4. The day when I became a proud owner of my machine, Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi
  5. The day I landed up in GEC, Trichur. I was one among the crowd in that Eastern Amphy Theater, wondering what next.

5 things you wish to forget:

  1. Unknowingly calling a teacher “Maakri” (tadpole) in Class 2. I was new to that school and I didn’t know the meaning of that word. One of my friends asked me to call the teacher, with this word. I called, only to be got hit by the Teacher. :(
  2. An allegation that I proposed a friend of mine, which I guess was propagated by her.
  3. A rare mistake from my part during work, which triggered 1636 files being moved to the Production Machine at the Client Site. Only one time I felt butterflies in my belly at work.
  4. The first and last time I was made to get tout from the class in school. Even though I didn’t tell it at home, a teacher in my school who was our relative took the pain to convey the message to my father.
  5. Riding my bicycle away from home and playing cricket on a day when my neighbor died when I was in school. He was very close to us, but since I am afraid of going to a house were death has occurred (I still am, a bit) and being bored in house I left for play. When I came back late, my father was really angry with me and beatings awaited.

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:

  1. Kappa and red hot fish curry( called a Molasion in some parts of Kerala)
  2. Puttu and Kadala Curry
  3. Kalathil Undaakkiya Thenga Arachu Vacha Meen(Ayala/Mathi) Curry. (Fish curry made in earthen pot with coconut paste. Fish preferably Mackeral or Sardine)
  4. Smoked Turkey Leg !!! (Abhi Remember??)
  5. Any Payasam.

5 crushes/loves in your life… in chronological order

  1. AMK
  2. Dia Mirza
  3. Catherine Zeta Jones
  4. SS

Strangest dream you ever had:

I saw this a couple of times after getting my Passport Stamped with Visa. I am asked to leave for US on a short notice and some how I manage to pack everything and leave India. And when I reach US I found that my passport is not stamped with any Visa. It has only my name and ECNR Stamped!!!

In reality I had a slight tension when I landed in the US and was facing the immigration authorities.

5 most valued personal possessions:

  1. My Nikon D50 DSLR Camera.
  2. The thousands of photos which I took.
  3. My Bike.
  4. My Books and the articles I wrote and still write.
  5. My Diaries which I started since 8th Std. There is a nice feeling when you go back and read those.

5 favorite superheroes….. and why:

  1. Mayavi: For a simple technology he devised, “Om Kreem Kuttichata” and he is there.
  2. Phantom: The guy who used to come in the comics book which I read during my childhood. He deals with criminals and disappears after leaving his mark on the skin
  3. CID Nazir in Lankadahanam: For making the suitcase a Gun.
  4. Spiderman : In the movie’s, for the way he rescues Kirsten Durnst , my favorite :-)
  5. Dinkan: The true “Ethiralikkoru Poraali”
  6. Vikii : The alien who could do anything in “Poombatta”

I am hereby tagging TP, Joju, Immigrant In Canada , RightBrainKid and Tanuja. Enjoy, all! :)


Suneesh TP said...

Me??? will be difficult, I will try

Sarah said...

We both consider meen curry and kappa as an exotic out of the world dish eh..
did thr tag on my tagworld blog

Lekshmi said...

One more interesting write-up from you. Well,I feel as if a student, who is yet to submit the assignment while others have already through with theirs. Abhi... ur tag haunts me during my travelling time to and from the office.

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

@TP - All The Best Da..
@Sarah - Kappa and Meen Curry is Malayali's true exotic dish. Ayyoo Vaayyil Vellam Varunnoo... And thanks for adding my name in the Tag even though I tagged you after your completion :-)
@Alexis -

Hmm.. I didn't know that. Adichu Padippikanjitta ;)

KH is real sacre.. If you accelerate above 60km you can feel like the back is rising. Pulsar 150 Rocks !! Now getting close to 10k kms over 22 months.

I know all the Canon users will say this only. My friend Mel used to ask me, when we had serious discussions on DSLR "You are not even considering Canon?". Ever since DSLR came up, I was haering abt D70 and when I was about to buy it D50 came up and it provided me a cheaper option compared to Canon.

And Finally Thanks.

@Lekshmi - Thanks Yaar. Thats the beauty of this tag, makes us to go down the memory lane. Hats off to Anand (Alexis told me this) for starting this. Keep it haunting and come up with a beautiful script.

Sarah said...

Dhanush... can I add a bit on the teaching the kids malayalam part..Most people think tht those of us outside India are purposely not teaching our kids malayalam which leads to korachu korachu malayalam parayunna type.
As a child I spoke a mix of malayalam with my parents, tamil with our amah and malay with my friends.. I figured everyone I know spoke malay and decided to speak malay as well..till I came to kerala and learned Malayalam at school. My family ie my sisters and mom speak to each other in English..not because it is is convenient..less misunderstanding.
My Kids..wht do i teach them? They went to a private school in KL and had to learn Malay, mandarin and english.
It isn't for the 'ashpoosh' factor I didn't teach them Malayalam.. It is just not possible. When you leave Kerala, unless you live in a predominantly Malayalee community,it isn't easy to teach the kids malayalam. Believe I treid.. I even hv a malayalam akshaaramala, including double lined books brought all the way from Vidyarthimithram in Kottayam.

Anil said...

That is too much of your life that you are spilling out there. Let me tell you web-2 and blogging have a certain majikal property of making people talk too much (like getting drunk, if you like it that way).

Slay pafe.

BTW, could you expand AMK and SS please, I am dying to know ?

Anand K said...

Hi Dhanush, just saw your comment on ur blog.... Thanx! I had lots of work and I missed checking my earlier posts.

NRKs not speaking Malayalam..... reminds me of something that happened sometime back. FOKANA 2006, New Jersey, my parents had come over to the US and we were checking out the meet. Dad saw a little kid, she was mebbe around 7 or 8 yrs old, clad in Bharatanatyam attire with all jeweller, flowers and all those crazy stuff girls wear. She looked so much like the Mallu kids we know at home. Dad (who always wanted a daughter)asked her in chaste malayalam "Molude arangettam okke kazhinjo? Atho ippozhano aadhyamayi.." Before he could finish his questionn, the kid raps back in perfect rap/jive accent "Whatcha sayin' Popz? I don't speak not mallu!". Dad and Mom were sorta taken back though I went into splits.... the situational humor was too much for me! Dad later joined in with me but added with a tinge of sadness; "Still, the parents should have taught her atleast passable malayalam..."
But I think on the avg, malayalees are more in touch with respect to their roots... compared to other desi denominations. Most of them speak a little bit of malayalam....

The company that sat you out for 2 yrs and then shafted you.... was it Satyam by any chance? IIRC,it happened with some seniors of mine too.

BTW, your superheroes are the most exotic of them all! Gawd, Nasir in Lankadahanam! That's very very original! And Dinkan the wonder mouse... ROFL!

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

@Sarah- I will not fully agree with you on that. The thing is if an initiative is to be made, it has to be from the parents. Thats all what I am saying. It may be true that if you are not with a Malayalee Community, you won't talk Malayalam,but you can do that at home rt? And I am not mentioning abt the 'ashpoosh' factor here. There are ppl who do that. I too had a childhood away from Kerala, when my dad was working in Libya. I remember my father not joining me in a school there and getting the Malayalam And English Text Books from our relatives back home. He used to sit with me after his working hours and teach me both English And Malayalam. Later when I joined the school in Kerala in 2nd Standard, I didn't have any difficulty in adjusting. (Yea, I had 3 years less education ;))

@Anil - Its Okay Man.Whom should I fear here? If you are concerned abt point no 6 in the shitlist, then for me it is 200% true.

@Anand - Your Dad should have been in a real awkward situation. And it is only your Dad's concern that I am echoing here.

No its not Satyam, IF you go down below a few months on my blog you will find it. :)

Lankadahanam is one fundoo movie I still like watching. Those Zero Bulbs and setups were really cool.

Suneesh TP said...



Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

@anil/TP - Nay !! You guys don't know them

Anonymous said...

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