Thursday, April 09, 2009

vacation time...

Another Long Weekend and another traveling nightmare for Bangaloreans. Abhi left yesterday after his short visit to Bangalore and told me about the rush in general compartments of Island Express. It was terrible. I can understand it, for three years ago I too was part of that crowd. I have scribbled every detail of that night's journey in my personal diary, to make it an entry into my yet to be published post - My Worst Travels. Cancellation of a Bus due to unwanted incidents that happened in Bangalore, a general ticket to Palakkad, barging into a Second Class Compartment only to be thrown out at Erode, getting into Kerala Express' general compartment and after a long bus ride to my home town I reached home nearly by noon next day.

Every long weekend people at Bangalore traveling to Kerala are at the mercy of the Bus guys. Especially for people like me who come from Malabar area, there is no alternative other than the buses. There is a train which goes all around Palakkad, but on odd days at odd timings and starts from a station quite far away. The rail link between Thalasseri and Mysore remains as a promise in papers. The initial survey took place way back in 1910 but still the line remains as a dream for the people of Malabar.

The Bus guys around are all the same. When we approach for bus ticket much before the special day or long weekend, they say come on the 15th or 30th day before and get it as the bookings are not yet open. If you go on that day, they will say the bookings are all over. If you know somebody there, you may get a ticket. For last Onam, I booked a ticket from my home town travels guy, since I know that guy very well. He managed to get me one ticket, and when I traveled on that day the bus was almost empty. The reason - the train was running that same day and most of the people have gone by it. Fortunately the bus lobby didn't have the power to reschedule the train or reschedule Thiruvonam. Just see the power of one train running. If it was scheduled to leave every Friday instead of a Saturday, how much impact would it have made on the Bus guys.

From then on, I decided that, for special days or long weekends I would try to drive down with my colleague or ride down myself with Red. And so tomorrow I am riding down. Its been some time since I had a long trip and hence I was so sure that I should do it. Plus I wanted to have a break, do what I always wanted to do. Just Ride. Since elections are also falling at the same time, I decided to make this a long vacation. So I will be back after casting my vote.

Wishing you all Happy Easter and Vishu.

Information Courtesy on Thalasseri-Mysore Rail Link
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Alexis said...

Wishing you the same--Happy Easter and Vishu.

Have a nice trip. Drive safely. Have fun at home.

sandeep said...

am sure u had a good vishu and a good ride :) waiting for the updates on "worst travel" and the "long ride to hime"

apart from mysore - thalassery, nanjangud - nilambur was also being talked abt for a long time now. god knows when it will come up?

its been a while since i took a bus to kozhikode. i'd been driving almost all the time and its been interesing considering, bandipur, wayanad and the ghats on the way. have u taken the mysore - guddalore - nadukani - nilambur route? should be interesting