Wednesday, April 01, 2009

goa poa - three years after

Its been three years, to be exact on this day, since we did our grand trip. The one and only Goa Poa. It was fun, more fun and more n' more fun only. Three days of being in the sun, beach and water. Playing cricket and an unknown game. A place where I lost my spectacles and tried contact lenses for the first time. The long journeys in the Volvo, Club Mahindra and the best photos I took in my life time. The best ever trip I had in my life, may be all of our life's.

Today three years after PP is in Dubai with Lulu, Guru and Suni are married, Jyothi is father of Kichoos, Aravind on the verge of getting married, while Abhi did an Aishwarya Parinayam and my foster parents Kich and Seena are expecting their baby soon. And I on this day almost found a big 1 BHK to move out alone :).

When I made all these work on the photo and send it to the gang, with a title "Cherruppakkar" , Kichan was the first to notice that all except me are committed or married in this. E-Photoyil kaannunna ellavarkkum Pennum Pedakozhiyumaayi was his observation. And that's true too :)

Three years after, today when I talked to Seena about it she said that still we all have that fire of youthness in us, and only when we see the new younger guys joining the company or team we realize -"Yea, we have grown old".

To me the 29th year of existence was promising and fun, with a little bit of hassles. But for a Goa Poa, I will be there any day. Bang Bang for the Goa Poa Reloaded!!

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sandeep said...

Its a pain when friends get busy with their lives :(

Goa is indeed fun ... infact, I was thinking of a Goa trip too ... contrary to popular preference, I think April is a gr8 time to be there