Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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Underwear Industry Exports to Australia Increased - AYE-SHA brand grabs the biggest export offer - Deal was made in India last October and the final agreement was signed in Melbourne today. Inside information points to the fact that all the underwear's are reinforced with extra padding for the forth coming New Year Extravaganza at Sydney

Tail Piece 1 - My guffaws are similar to that of Lallettan in Kilukkam
Tail Piece 2 - Guru Comments - "Avanmaarodu valla Bangladesh -inodo Zimbabwe yodo matto Kalikkan parayade, chelappo jayikkumaayirikkum"
Tail Piece 3 - Some where far in the Northern India, an ace bowler comments. Stop talking, start playing cricket.

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Anonymous said...

Right on the money. Good going da. AYE-SHA :)

One of the label describes the oz situation best