Friday, October 17, 2008

thats my champion, my idol, my god, my everything in cricket

Congrats Sachin ...

"Lara's failures, and there were a few given his cavalier style, evoked some disappointment, but never the sort of viciousness that accompanied a Tendulkar setback. It makes you wonder how many more runs he might have made had he lived in a country that didn't specialise in headlines like Endulkar, and where every other TV debate chaired by some stiff didn't ask the profound question: Is he past his best? "

How true it is.. Read it here

"A rough calculation shows that he averages over 200 days in a year travelling for cricket, playing it at the highest level, or practising for it. Two-thirds of a year devoted to cricket, and not one bad day at work? Even Mozart was allowed an occasional off day. The future will treat Tendulkar much better than we have, although we were given the privilege of watching the boy grow into a man and live up to potential. Even that is a remarkable feat. Not every promising player accomplishes as much as he promises. Tendulkar has. Let us celebrate that. His record will be broken. But his impact will last. "

Bravo Sachin, Bravo ... Read it here

Pic Courtesy - Cricinfo


Deepti said...

always been my hero ... not only for his batting but for the way hhe conducts himself despite all the fame n brickbats ..
Nice post!!

Suneesh TP said...


who is the Bravo you mentioned at the end? Dwayne Bravo of WI? why are you praising him? :-)

Anonymous said...


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