Saturday, August 05, 2006

an open letter to my soulmate...

Dear Buddy,
You are no longer with me any more. Now that I have decided to distance myself from you, I feel that void around me. You were my soul, you were my love. You were my passion; you were the one who unleashed the beast in me. I cared you like my kid, and you were happy to obey me.
It was with you I roamed around. From the day you roared in with me through the streets of Pune, to the days in Bangalore were we wrooooomed at 100 kmph we both were one mind, one soul. You were my machine, the definitely male machine. Sure you were; One macho machine. I could see the hot chicks drooling at your masculine chests when we rode past them. Those Karizmatic Unicorns were looking at you with jealousy. And you enjoyed it, right? Chasing and beating them in the race. Getting that attention from sweet babes, gals giggling and saying ‘You are hot’. Anything on the road you thoroughly enjoyed.

Where all we have covered da? Our first trip was to Malshej, alle? On those Ghats of Maharashtra, were some fool said there was a big waterfall, and when we reached there it turned out to be a stream of water. Then I took you out alone to Mumbai. Another one day trip to Bhimashankar. And the 3 day trip to Mahabaleshwar, were we both chilled. Finally the big trip to Murud, Janjira and Harihareshwar that covered close to 500 kms in 3 days. In all these trips, it was me who rode you and we had a good company.
You never let me down; not a single time. Every time i thumped in the accelerator cable you just roared. And I guess you didn’t like anyone apart from me, right? I could feel your anger for not looking after you last year when I was away. You didn’t like Sreeku rt? Nor you liked Jaat, I know. The grumbles that you produced after his ride told me that you didn’t like his frequent gear shifts. Or rather was I possessive about you? I was; I know otherwise I wouldn’t have interpreted your grumbles like that.
The day when I was shown your dent on the rib cage - that happened in transit to Bangalore - I was shell shocked. And I cried. Your whimper was unbearable when I touched you. Boy, you suffered a lot right? I should have driven you down here. My mistake da, I am sure you wouldn’t have let me down, nor you would have tired me. We could have covered those 800 kms in two days. But da, I was not brave. Sorry dear.
And after that recovery, with a new chest and paint you were simply shining. Bangalore roads were blessed with your presence. You even threw away that bloody bugger on the Unicorn, who made an unexpected entry from the side road. Luckily you were not so brutal, and he escaped. But you lost your face and I was so sad. That was the first time we erred. The very first time in my life and yours too. You were a bit sad about that episode weren’t you? I know, but that’s ok. You just showed what you could do, if some comes across you very badly.
Then that happened. Somewhere in the middle of the life, I fell in love with that girl. That red beauty called Thunderbird. She was beautiful, gorgeous and sexy. I immediately fell in love with her or rather she seduced me to be with her. Her curves, her feminine power, the way she carried herself, that proud look while she stood waiting to take her out, all had a dignity in itself. Or rather she was simply irresistible.
I was very much unsure about parting you. I thought, thought and thought. I had sleepless nights and in one such night she visited me and took me to another world. There she asked me to marry her, for an eternity. I couldn’t give her an answer immediately. But something in me said that I should go out with her. I too needed some one to take out for a dinner, some one charming, and some one feminine with whom I can walk along with my hands around her hips. Some one I could sleep with ;)
So finally I accepted her. But it was not a cake walk. There was resistance from all sides, including you. I could understand that as you too were very possessive about me. But I am sure you are good guy, and you rock man. When that mechanic said that you are an absolute wonder and a well maintained man, I was happy. I was proud since someone had certified you without even driving you and just by feeling how you roar. Boy I definitely had second thoughts about her then, but I had a promise to keep. And thus I decided to part you.
My heart was heavy, when I handed over your keys to that guy. There were tears in my eye, when I said him to take good care of you. He saw it and assured me.
I hope you will be fine with him. Be good and take care of him and yourself. Correct him if he makes any mistakes. And guide him to goodness.
And Finally
Forgive me whenever I have asked more from you.
Forgive me whenever I have shifted the gears improperly, choking you up.
Forgive me for breaking you head light with that freaky accident.
Forgive me for choosing to transport you in a bloody movers and packers instead of driving you from Pune.
Last but not the least; forgive me if I have hurt you.
You the Metallic Blue 150cc DTSi Pulsar, whom I called Blue Pulsar, is now not in my life. But from the depths of the heart I know I still love you. I would rather be a gay than be a straight if The Bird had not entered my life.
You always will have that special place in my heart, for you were my first love, first beast I owned on my own.
Take care da. And enjoy yourselves with him. Travel to the horizons of life and I would be sitting here proud and happy, for I was your first love, I was the first one who touched you for the first time in your life and I was the one who was cared you more than a friend.
Best wishes Buddy.
With Loads of Love.
Your's Me..


Anonymous said...

Wawww...beautifully written Dhanush...wrapped in lot of feelings frm the heart..that's how it ends up so beautiful
Inspite of all the odds u finally land up with yr dream bird..great n well done..congratulationsss..wishin u the best times with ya bird;)

Seema said...

The previous comment was mine...peru vekaan vittu poyathaa

Sarah said...

aha!.. so now got a new sweet heart eh??

Suji said...

You are crazy. But, thats not a bad thing. :) Wishing you a long journey ahead with your soulmate.

Suneesh TP said...

Wow!!! so you did it? you bought Thunderbird??? Cool man!

Krishnan said...

so swapped your house plan with a bird plan, eh? :-)
Good. Put up pics soon.

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

~Seema - Thanks Yaar
~Alexis - Thanks. Yes She arriving tomorrow.
~Sarah - :)
~Suji - Yep. A lot crazy. :)
~TP - Yes Man. When you come, I will pick you up on it ;)
~Kich - Kind of.. Lets see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

OH man... things can be written like this??? u'l never leave any small incident just like that?

Keep blogging...

Did you think about the bike perspective? I mean when he is going to stay with a new "guy" ?

neermathalam said...

i do remeber ur post on thunderbird..
congrats on showing the will to get ur soulmate..

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

~sree - life is all abt these small joys and sorrows alle ;)
~neermathalam - thanks man

myself said...

well well,u sure do know how to put down ur thoughts into words...awesome.

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

very touching!!!

and nicely written as usual!!

btw when was your marriage with her.
Why you didn't call us?
Coming to pondy with her?

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

~kavya - Thanks. Long time...
~joju - Thanks da. Kalyanathinu vilichaal ninakku sadya tharandi varille. Ninte vayarinte size ariyaavunnathu kondaanu vilikkanjathu :).
Pondy is on Buddy. Let me tame her first.

peter ivan said...

Beauutifully wriiten and really from the heart..But you could have kept the identity of the person in a suspense till the very last para..i know its difficult but still ...

But now words for it...I think you are really into creative writing....

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

~peter - Thanks Man. But u know it is very difficult to keep that anonimity, as all the features abt him I write can give you the answer. Do Visit often :)