Saturday, August 26, 2006

a list for mom.. silverine's tag.

The queen of the blogworld Silverine had tagged me long back. Some where in the middle of my small busy life, I forgot that and when Alexis tagged me, I remembered that this tag of 10 favourite food items that I miss from my moms cooking. I have been missing it ever since I left my home to Pune 3 years back. Whenever I come back for a vacation, I will give her a list of items that needs to me made and she will prepare it one each a day. Now since I am in Bangalore, and go for a weekend, I am not able to give those long lists. However during this August 15 long weekend I was able to give a small list though ;)

1. Fish Curry: The best one I like in her cooking. She makes it the typical Malabary way in earthen pot and using coconut. And I supply her the Ayalas or Mathhi (Chala) fresh from the market. I am an expert in selecting fish.

2. Fish Fry: The fry with perfect blend of masala, which she makes on the grinding stone (Attammi), and oil. Too tasty and delicious especially the Ayalas and Mathhis.

3. Erisseri: The vegetable curry made using raw banana and parippu. Awesomely tasty. At my home I only likes it the best, so she always keep a second curry ready in case Achan or Sis shows a bad face ;)

4. Chakkakkuru and Muringa Leaves Curry: The vegetable curry made using Jackfruit Seeds and Moringa Leaves. Very Tasty.

5. Harisa: This is the normal Egg Burji which she makes it in less dry way. Don't know where the name came from, must be from Libya;)

6. Chicken Biriyani: She prepares this very tasteful. In fact my sis is more fan of her Biriyani. It is the typical Calicut style Biriyani, with that yellow tinge on the rice. With a salda and cocnut chutney awesomely tasty :)

7. Payasam: She makes the Semia Payasam. It would not at be too watery or sweety. With the perfect Kukrukkal she will make it tasty. I love all kind of payasams, but some how I like her Semia Payasam more than any other.

8. Unniappam: I think she learnt this from my Grandmother. And she makes it so soft. I usually ask her tomake it o nthe last day before I leave, so that I can pack some for my roommates.

9. Mampayar Thoran (Van Payar): This is the thoran made of the Big Brown Beans. I was a fan of this ever since I ate this first from my classmates tiffin box in class II :). She makes it with pieces of coconut and makes it dry.

10. Avil Nanachathu: She normally makes this for the evenings with Jaggery and there would be Banana's to mix and eat.

And last but not the least, the Tea she makes for us 5 times a day and also the Black Coffee which I get early in the morning before brushing my teeth. That really triggers the nature calls and makes my day perfect. I miss sitting on the door steps of kitchen workarea, which opens to the courtyard, and reading the Mathrubhumi with that Black Coffee in my hand.

After all these writing I think I am gonna miss this even more and that too writing at 1.34 PM makes it even more worse. Wish I could be at home :)

Its an open tag folks.


silverine said...

I am eating Aval Nanachathu right it!!!

I think the reason we like our Moms cooking is because over the years our mother's make the traditional items according to our likes. Which is why an Avial will taste different in in different houses. After years of cooking for the family moms generally know what everyone likes and how. Me too like my burji slightly watery. I have never tasted Mampayar Thoran or Chakkakkuru and Muringa Leaves Curry. Must see if my mom can make this. This is a new item for me.
Great list :)

p.s. Queen of blogosphere??? Absolutely not!!!

myself said...

Cool. I love and enjoy all the listed items but have never tasted chakkakuru and muringa ila curry. Parippu and muringa ila erisseri is one of my fav. Today from the Indian store just picked a few 'nendrakayas" for erisseri. After reading your piece i'm craving my mom's "moru ozhicha avoli curry". You've taken me back to the days i've spent in kerala/b'lore with the "kattans" and all.

uh oh!!!!!turned out to be a very long comment...sorry ;)

Anonymous said...

Good...I am coming.

Krishnan said...

lets head back home. what keeps us in blore?

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

#Silverine - very true. I will get you the recipes for those when I go home next time :) Chakkakuru is really tasty, athum kootti choru oru pidi pidichal.. ho ....
#Kavya - Comments Long or short are most welcome here :). Wow you kow how to make Erisseri, thats cool. I need to get the recipes from mom.
#Anon - Nee vannalum ninne njan veetil kondupokoola. ;)
#Kich - mmm..Chalo Cochin...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool post! Was surfing and got through ur blog. The photographs that you have taken, your post all seem so good.

About this particular post what I liked the most was 'sitting on the door steps of kitchen workarea, which opens to the courtyard'. Well, I do that wen I am in Kerala too. All the chit-chat of women happens at this place.

The list of dishes are indeed tempting.Great post once again.


Suji said...

Chicken Biryani, Payasam and Avil Nanachathu are my favourite too.
Onashamshakal! Have a great Onam.

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

~anon : Welcome here, but do post your name. And many thanks.
~suji: Good. Chicken Biriyaaani kee jai. ഓണാശംസകള്‍

Anonymous said...

Well I thought of adding a new comment to your old post. I came to ur blog when i googled for the a different recipe for "aval nanachathu" :D. Though I came to a wrong place I enjoyed reading this post. Thing I miss the most is "murunga ella curry" and the payasam I miss is Koova paayasam.