Monday, July 03, 2006

saluting the warriors

"It took one man with the patience of a saint, and another with a heart as large as all outdoors, to show up the pitch, the bowling and, most importantly, their mates."
Prem Panicker in

On this day, when the nation celebrates the series win in West Indies after 35 long years, its the men whom they call as The Wall and Jumbo who crafted this victory.



pophabhi said...

It was also written - 'Two people with you-win-over-my-dead-body attitude gave the match for India'.
Wall became the fastest cricketer in test history to reach 9000 runs at an astounding average of 59 in the process, and Kumble further added to his already amazing tally of total career wickets.

Hats Off to two of the best cricketers India has ever produced.

Seema said...

Three cheers to the Indian team...good post !

Krishnan said...

Is Rahul Dravid the greatest Indian batsman ever?? Or rather the player who has taken india to most number of victories?
Dhanush, that should keep you mad for a few days :-)

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

@Kich - I have no problems with RD. And this post is to dedicate these two who crafted those victories, and so there is no question of who the greatest batsman is.