Friday, June 16, 2006

the royal tag of four

I took up Alexis’ Tag and was also tagged by Silverine

4 jobs I’ve had:
1. Instructor at a Computer Institute, Guest Lecturer who would fly around colleges taking classes at an hourly rate;).
Lecturer (Ad hoc).
Software Engineer to Technical Associate
System Analyst

4 films I could watch again and again:
1. Thoovanathumbikal.
Notting Hill.
The Silence of The Lambs.
Chupke Chupke (Old One).

4 places I’ve lived in:
Vadakara, My Home.
4. Mumbai & Pune and now Bangalore.

4 TV series I like to watch:
1.Tom & Jerry.
The Wall
The World This Week (If Prannoy Roy starts airing it again)
FTV Photographers :-).

4 places that I’ve been on vacation to:
2. Murud - Janjira, Harihareshwar, Mahabaleshwar, Malshej, Bhimashankar – Places around Pune in Bikes
Orlando, Miami, Florida Keys.
4. Ootty, Kanyakumari, Kodaikanal, Mysore, Bangalore

4 websites I visit everyday:
Cricinfo, rediff, Prem Panicker’s Blog Sightscreen.
My and My Blog-mates sites.
3. Daily Sites of Manorama, Deshabhimani, Madhyamam, The Hindu.

4+4+4 books I’d love to read again and again:
Well I decided to Follow Alexis on this. Sorry Silverine :-)
1. Naalukettu and Randamoozham by M.T.
Khasakinte Ithihasam by O.V Vijayan.
Smarakashilakal by Punathil Kunjabdulla.
Mayyazhipuzhayude Theerangalil by M. Mukundan.
Kite Runner by Khaled Hossaini.
The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris.
Any R.K Narayan Story.
Vaanaprastham, Kuttyedathi, Iruttinte Aathamaavu, Sherlock and Ninte Ormakku and all short stories by M.T.
Any Basheer story.
P. Padmarajan’s Scripts (Especially Nammukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal).
Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourtt.
Short Stories by T. Padmanabhan.

4 favorite dishes:
1. Rice, Fish Curry and Fish Fry
Chicken Biriyani, which is typical Malabari.
Kappa and Meen Curry (Of Course).
Porotta and Chicken Curry

4 places where I’d like to be right now:
At Home.
At Pune.
At any beautiful locality in UK.
4. At Germany, U know why..

4 people I’m gonna tag:
1. Pophabhi.. (Ha Ha Ha .. njan maru goal adiche… ).
Seena .. (I know you are getting Bored there..).
Any one interested in this.. TP, Joju .. wanna try.. my old tag is still pending you know.

And that was my 50th Post on Mujhe Rang De.


Seema said...

Congratulations on the half century post !!!

well well wel, got to know a lot about you via. this tag ;) but this one -
4 places where I’d like to be right now:
"At Germany, U know why.."

Pinne enikittu tag vechathinu nyaan pinnidu edutholaave ;)

silverine said...

So you are from Vadakara...I was wondering what you were doing in achayan territory:)

Porotta seems to be a hot(!) favorite among the guys!!

The Silence of the Lambs is a movie I can never see again. It shok me up brrrr But I loved the old Chupke Chupke, the entire movie and songs is a classic!! :)

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

@seema - Thanks.. Germany to Watch Football Worldcup.

@silverine - Achan Vadakarite, Amma Palaite, Had to study in Pala for 2 years and after that it was all Vadakara until the Chief Entrance Commissioner ordered me to study in GEC Thrissur
Yep.. Porotta Sindabaaad.. :-)
I love that movie and the book too.. Only English movie that has done justice to the book .. I beleive. Chupke Chupke, Angoor, Choti Se Baath , Golmaal those were real humour.

venus said...

Germany, U know why..
beer and cars??

Suneesh TP said...

Congrats for 50th post! How "Notting Hill" came to the list? I didn't like that film much...."World this week" was one of my favourite too.

Ur favourite book collections are awesome.

I have taken this tag :-)

Sarah said...

So wht is the Achayan's territory??

Kadavule.. when I saw the book list.. I realized that i haven't read any of the Malayalam books. I should start reading malayalam books..I heard so many people talking about kazhakkinte ithihasam..

Sarah said...

So wht is the Achayan's territory??

Kadavule.. when I saw the book list.. I realized that i haven't read any of the Malayalam books. I should start reading malayalam books..I heard so many people talking about kazhakkinte ithihasam..

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

~venus - Welcome here. Beers nothing better than KF ;) Cars yes... drinving through the AutoBahns
~alexis - Not much Alexis, but yes on bikes a lot. Most areas around Pune only. Mayyazhi Puzhayude is really class apart. I can often relate the language and places as Mahe is just near to my place. And Thanks :-)
~Sarah - Pala is supposed to be an Achayan's territory. My mom is from Pala and I had 2 years of schooling there. If you havent read those then may be you are missing something, especially Khasak which is often said to be dividing the Malayalam literature. Khasakinu Mumpum , Khasakinu Sheshavum. It is often rated at the same level as Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude. You can buy books at this site

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

~TP - Notting Hill is nice man, You watch it. Thansk for taking this up and I have seen yours.. Made it so fast ;)

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

50post !!! great !! congratsda ghedy :-)

I can not watch "The Silence of The Lambs" more than twice.
Thoovanathumbikal ..(M)anytime ;-)
Thrissur evidaayirunnu ghedy ninte thaamasam. C-49?

I'll take this tag some day ;-)
and will publish your first tag in a few days :-)

Anonymous said...

Dhanush, Congrats!! Half century!!

You write very well. I have also heard of Malayalam literature but I can’t read and write Malayalam, I can only speak and understand Malayalam (that too I learned from my son). All yr favourite dishes are my son’s favourite too :)

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

#joju - still u watched Silence of the Lambs with me. I am sure you were scared that night;) Thanks da Ghediye..
#saroj - Welcome here and sometime Child is the father of Man. Good going man, its great to have your son as a Guru, eben though in most cases its the other way around. All The Best.