Saturday, June 24, 2006

about me .. a bit more..

I took up Alexis' Tag again. More about me, dudes and dewdies..

My Accent: For English I think I have a slight Mallu accent, especially for the "simble" ones. And for Malayalam.. I always change my accent depending on the place. I have a thick Vadakara accent ("oon keenju paanju poyi") at home (otherwise localites would say I am putting Jaada ;) ), and at College I had the Ghediye (Thrissurian) kind of accent. And among friends I think I follow a neutral one, purposefully talking in neither of these two.

Booze: Anything. But favorites White Rum with Limca, Vodka On the Rocks with Lime.

Chore I Hate: Documentation as a Software Engineer.

Dog or Cat: None. I hate pets. Apologies to Animal Lovers :)

Essential Electronics: Camera, Mobile (For the FM Radio), TV/Music System, and oh yeh a PC

Perfume: None. Had used Brut for a while, but then when it finished, I never really tried getting a new one.

Gold or Silver: Uses a gold chain with "D" locket, which my mom bought for me while I was in 3rd Std. But dont have any particular affinity to any ornaments.

Home: Vadakara. Born at MCH, Calicut. Didn't have schooling till I was 6 years old as I was with my parents in an African Country called Libya. Then 2 years of schooling at my mom's place Pala, back to Vadakara. Has been there ever since. Now in Bangalore for a living.

Insomnia: Never.

Job Title: System Analyst. (Those who need explanations of my job, please buy five licenses of our product and then I will demonstrate you who I am. Hurray!!!)

Living Arrangements: With a Room mate, but barges into Abhi and Co to play Badla, Discuss Cricket, Politics, Football, Cinema and PJ. (Yesterday Aravind and PP has granted me a probation period at their house folks!!! )

Most Admirable Traits: Me.. About Myself... Well let me think and get back to you on this.

Number of Sexual Partners: None

Number of times in hospital: Twice. I had an incision to be done on my right toe on a cist that was developed after playing football without shoes at college and another time to remove a growth that develped on my right foot.

Phobias: Height. And now Bangalore Traffic. Phew I go nuts. !!

Quote: ‘It's all a matter of time.’

Religion: Hindu.

Siblings: A sister younger to me.

Time I Wake Up: 7.30 - 8 on weekdays. 10AM + on weekends

Unusual Talent or Skill: Oh yea!! "Thozhaying"(slashing outside off stump) to Abhi's and Guru's balls while playing Badla. The next best talent after me is Gautam Gambhir and to an extend Yuvraj Singh. But seriously none, I do everything a bit here and there. Frustrations, Photography, Bathroom Singing, and Coding ;) .

Vegetables I Love: Well None of them. I am A HARDCORE NON VEGGIE. Non Vegetarianism ZINDABAD.

Worst Habit: Being Kallippified (Getting Angry for the Non-Malayalees) for anything which may not be relevant.

X-Rays: None.

Yummy Food I Make: Chicken Curry (I think I am best at this !!), Cherupayar Curry. Dal in different varities, Egg Burji. Well If you thought I am kidding, no man I am SERIOUS on this. I enjoy cooking. (Now Silverine, don't put up my profile to those Ungles and Aundiees of yours for their Man Hnt.)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

People tagged to do it: Anyone who would like to tell a bit about themselves.


pophabhi said...

You dont barge in most times da. Its me who lures you in. After all, we need some one to kalippify and also to defeat in our Badla, right? :)) - Jokes apart, we are having a great time since you are here!!
And About your chicken curry - Last two times, I have been the co-cook. Jai Chicken Curry.

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

My Accent: ...Ghediye (Thrissurian) “
You are not bad in that. But a lot of scope to improve :-)

Number of Sexual Partners: none
Oru kunji kaalokke kanende ??? engane nadannna mathiyo?!!!

Unusual Talent or Skill: Oh yea!! "Thozhaying"
Kollam kollam. Nee oru mahaanannu !!! ninakku nine patti nannayi ariyaam :-)

Nine one P

Seema said...

Good one...lots of interesing info;)
Booze - anything far as it is alchohol alleyo
Waiting for the Most Admirable traits...when is that coming on???
Pinne cooking bit is adipoliiii !!!

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

~pophabhi - "Oru naal njanum ninne pole Valarum Valuthaavum, Ennitu nammude Badla Pitch Century Njan adikkum" (But that never happens!!!). Thanks Da. Chicken Fryum Super allarunno ;)
~yasj - njan decentaa
~alexis - Thanks, Keep posting these tags, I will take up :-)
~seema - Yep, anything that has alcohol is fine ;). I haven't yet figured out what is the admirable trait I have. Seriously.

silverine said...

ooops I already did :( I should have read the darn tag fully before giving your profile to the ungles and aundies...then I would have noticed the lack of admirable traits

I think most men have a genetic allergy towards veggies!!! A little more insight into you Dhanush!:)

Sarah said...

oon keenju paanju poyi.. I taught my daughter to say that, whenever her brother is speeding on his cycle.. She thinks that is ash poosh malayalam!!!
Wow.. you can cook..that is truly amazing..
BTW: What is badla cricket??
and what is egg burji?

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

#silverine - Oh Did I miss a Golden Oppurtunity Here.. Che Che .. Enthayalum Shari.. I will put up a big post regarding that :). Please add that when u fwd the next time ;)

Genetic aano ennenikkariyilla... I was born and bought up around Fish. So became one :)

#Sarah - Paavam Kutti.. Onnum Manasilaayi kaannilla .. Avan Irangi Oodi Poyi ennu paranju nokku manasilakum ;) ee parachil njammal vaderakkarkku bittekkeenu..

Badla - Its beyond a few lines, wtach for this space
Egg-Burji.. Recipe, Fry Smally Cut Onions till it turns brown.. add chopped tomatoes and chillies .. add chilli powder, manjal poduy and kurumolakku.. then add smashed egg and heat till it becomes "Thinnable" Add adequate salt. ;)

In short it can be made in different ways , some call scrambled eggs ..too

myself said...

Enjoyed reading the line "oon keenju paanju poyi"...i can relate to that as i'am from kannur(olu paanjutille, njana povaan parajini)ha ha. And B'lore traffic...a killer.

Sarah said...

This morning when I dropeed her to school she was busy teaching her dialogue..onn keenju panju poyi.. I overheard her friends asking her.. wht does it mean.. she is a manthra from India..( now where did she get that idea!!)

thanks for the egg burji recipe.. So u don't add coconut?.. Don't laugh.. omlette/scrambled egg etc at home always had coconut in it..It was an eye opener when I went to b'lore and finally learned tht, real omlette has no coconut in it!

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

onn keenju panju poyi ....

this is tougher than thrissur accent yaar :-(
Still you people are blaming us !!!!

Any logic behind?


yetanother.softwarejunk said...

at last..your first tag is completed and published.

Seema said...

heyy aaa admirable traits ingu poratte..entha itreku tamasam ;)
Pinne dhey aa egg bhurji undakanathil ithreku chopped chilli, chilli powder n pepper powder ellam koodi hmmmmm ;)heheee

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

#Kavya -. oh ngale bhaasha payenkaraanappa.. paranjini .. kettini .. kelkeadekkee... :) mm Kannur, I did an year my schooling there. Bangalore Traffic is a real killer. You never know that the person driving ahead/side/behind/across you will do.
#Sara - he he ..Athu Kollam.. Mantra from India.. So vadakar is getting famous in Canada. Nammale Keralayeeranennu vachu ellathinum angane Thenga Cherakan pattumo
#Joju - Alla Ghediye.. pakengilu ngalathra speed njakkilattaa..
#Seema - Athu ezhuvaanel oru Mahabharatham Kanake Ezhuthandi varum, enthina veruthe. Ingredients ellam "Paakthinu"

Jiby said...

that was a great post...u know what, reading it i realized we do so many things alike.

even i used to change my malayalam accent to suit the situation. in college i wud use the vandanam style tvm accent to be cool with my pals and at home i wud revert to the central travancore version to not piss my parents off!!!

btw, when i was coding i used to hate documentation too and wud rush thru PM wud come to me and ask whether i learnt any english at school!!!

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

#jiby - Thanks for visiting. He he the similarities are quite interesting

Anonymous said...

Nice read... heard one guy from thrissur came to vatakara and was stunned when the "cleaner" of the bus said "Aey kooy... keey"...
This guy asked... ivite pakshi bhasha aano pathiv?

Man, till this time I didn know that you were in Africa til 6. Veruthe alla... ninte atuth nikumbo ipolum aa aafrican chooru :-)