Monday, August 18, 2008

NOT (finding kerala and facing the monsoon through a redemption ride) = Sitting Idle at Home

My much hyped ride through Kerala just lasted two days. I rode from Bangalore to Mangalore and then from there to my home the next day. But I could never proceed after that.

I was late to sleep on Day 2 as we had some guests at home,and so I overslept a bit on Day 3. It was also raining like hell. So I decided to continue the next day, but I had that sense of dejection in me for inducing that break. Next day I was all set, and dressed up when Mom came with the tea. After a moment's silence she asked -"Are you sure you want to do this big adventure in this torrential rains? have you made up your mind to not give us some peace of mind? You went to Himalayas last year and do you know how much we were worried. And now you are doing this."

And that was it. I could have still gone ahead, but its never good to start anything with a negative mindset. Those words have put enough questions on my mind. Even though I wanted to go, I just could not. May be at that point of time, I realized there is no big dreams to achieve, if it puts your parents under tension. So that's the story. I stopped my journey at home. I informed Abhi and he was really happy for my decision.

Relaxed and chilled at home, with lots of fish in the diet, went to Calicut and grabbed myself a lot of books (16 in fact as I counted it now) from Mathrubhumi and DC book stalls, read Cormac McCarthy's No Country For Old Men (Dear Anon, it didn't impress me or Am I too old for Dishum Dishum. Will watch the movie soon.), Karan Bajaj's Keep Off The Grass (Too Good. A must read for IIM aspirants. My review on this will be coming soon-I Hope) and Basheer's Anuraagathinte Dinangal (What can I say about the Master) went to Mom's home town and yesterday came back here.

No. Don't come to the conclusion that I have stopped riding. That is never going to happen. It is just that at that point of time, my mind slowed down and decided to go with my parents wishes.

I know what you guys are thinking. There is this joke from the Malayalam Movie - "Nadodikattu" where Thilakan(Ananthan Nambiar) says about Captain Raju (Pavanai) .. "Angane Pavanai Shavamaayi.. Ho.. Enthokke Bahalamarunnu, Malappuram Kathi, Machine Gunn, Boombbb..Olakkede Moodu..."

Well.. I may not yet be a Pavanai. May be I will we do this, some time later with a revised plan. The good thing I learned from this is that I should not make a ride through home. I should either end the ride at home or make my home visit during the last leg of the ride. Hope I can do that.

Thanks for all you guys who wished the best for me.


Anonymous said...


Maybe it wasn't the right time.
Maybe the roads were not ready for RED.
Maybe you needed a stay-cation with your parents.

But then I know, in a short while, once you are back to your right spirits (OCR alla :-)), you'll have your romantic ride with the rains; a far better one at that!

Till then,
Keep writing..


Chakkappoyyans said...

We are lucky enough not to miss this post, that is why u missed the trip...:)
Keep writing...

Unknown said...

great post..senti aavalley marshey...there is always a next time and the right time..chill maadi...we can make up with a ride on BLACK..if not the RED...i know u wont be too keen though...:)

Anonymous said...

oh can still go for a street hawk ride during some not so monsoony season.. paavanai shavamai LOL

Anonymous said...

"Angane Pavanai Shavamaayi.. Ho.. Enthokke Bahalamarunnu, Malappuram Kathi, Machine Gunn, Boombbb..Olakkede Moodu..."

perfect stmt :-)

PS:(movie should be good)
PPS: "with lots of fish in the diet"(I still remember the taste from 12-14 years ago)

Anjana Rames said...

Dhano.. It is really hard to break the chains of "caution" that our parents put into us slowly over the years...

The most common justification is " You will know when u have kids" :)

Your statement on your phase of life being "professionaly good and personally pathetic" is very true for most of us during some stage of our life.. Good luck to you to find the answer and fill that empty gap....

About the movie, No Country For Old Men - I did not find this interesting at all.. Could not figure out the purpose of the movie..
Shawshank Redemption is really one of its kind.Enjoyed the movie...

And let us know where the kerala trip pics are...