Sunday, June 29, 2008

himalayan odyssey 2008

I am late, I know. But I am not that late, since the people who have left home to listen their heart will start the most courageous and dangerous ascend of their life tomorrow.

From Tomorrow morning 'the trip is over'. As Sachin Chavan would say, it is very true too. I, with Abhi , had promised a lot of goodies for the aspiring Himalayan Odyssey venturers. But nothing materialised. The year after HO 2007 had been a tough one on me. Professionally I was busy with work and new learnings, while personal losses have kept me thinking -what kind of person I am. I rode only once to home and backthe whole last year and with Abhi too busy I never had any chance. Plus RED has undegone slight modifications with new K & N air fliter, wider tyres, better pickup and well tuned engine and headlamps. She is rocking now.

But I didn't want to miss my best wishes here to all those who are going to ride Himalyan Odyssey this time. All the best guys, keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy every second of your stay over there. Ride past Barlacha La with verve and be gentle on Gata Loops. With high adrenaline conquer the Khardung La but respect the nature. And riding after Whiskey is Risky to your Life.

May the force be with you.


pophabhi said...

To celebrate the first anniversary, i called all the people (i mean the numbers I had) who did the HO 2007. Its just too much to relive the moments. I simply drove on my Kuttappan in the wet Cochin roads in mad monsoon rains....With a vacuum in my mind, and those mountains all around me. Da...we never completed that ride, alle? Its still going on in our mind. Eagerly awaiting to get the bike conditioned by Gopu annan and to start getting on the road again.

pophabhi said...

forgot to say. I cannot write it better. Terrific job with the writing here dear!