Monday, August 13, 2007

and finally the big one to add to those 561 wickets

Nothing could take it away from him. That 4 runs would have come from one of the worst shots of the match, but it was worth fetching Anil Kumble the maiden test century. The one he deserved after his 17 years of bowling for India.

For he is the only one who had won more test matches for India than any one else. Not even the Gavaskars, the Kapil Devs, the Tendulkars and the Dravids have won more test matches for India than Anil Kumble.

And as a person, who has been a keen follower of Indian Cricket through out his life, I cannot hide the joy. To be true, I am more happier than Sachin's 77 centuries, more happier than Dravid's 233, more happier than Laxman's 281 and more happier than Saurav's 144.
Just because of the price he puts on his wicket while he bats. For his grit and patience in staying there at the crease, till the opposition get him out, and for the true gentleman he is. And just for those 561 wickets he uprooted to march India to victory.

In this time of jelly-beans and shoulder barging, one should learn what aggressiveness is, from Kumble. He once gave his definition of being aggressive to Harsha Bhogle - "Being aggressive is not about walking up to the batsman and talking about him and his family, its about trying to get wickets every delivery you bowl."

Nothing can beat it.

Congrats Jumbo :)

Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

P.S: My Red and Abhi's Kuttappan turned a year old this week. Happy Birthday to you Guys :). Soon Kuttappan will turn to a monstrous Kuttappaayi (with Dishum Dishum). Wait for him :)


Alexis said...

Exactly my sentiments. Great man and great achievement...

And happy birthday to Red and Kuttapan.

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

"Thank Alexis", they say when I conveyed the Big Bullet Chettayees Wishes :)

mathew said...

athe athe..the big giant is the most under rated cricketer..ippol a agressive look counts more than agressive sportsmanship...

birthday wishes for Red and Kuttappayi!! ;-P

pophabhi said...

There is something about the pride in wearing the nations flag in the chest. If there is someone who is a wholesome embodiment of it, its Jumbo. Wonder if we would sit to watch a test match, when he is not there. We get that feeling that he will bump with a wicket any time. Its been a pleasure to live in era of the two gentlemen from Karnataka - Kumble and Dravid.

And Santhosha Janmadinam to Red and my Kuttappayi. :)