Thursday, February 08, 2007

living out of a suitcase

Its going to be another 46 days of struggle in this cold winter.
Its white outside. Icy. The temperature at freezing -16 degree celsius. And I am sitting in this cozy office, feeling the first hints of jetlag.

I am here in Troy, Michigan to live out of my suitcase for next 2 months. Big talks, Big discussions and Little work seems to be the schedule. Let me hope for the best.

The New Year born for me with me riding a whopping 400 km from my house in Vadakara to Bangalore. And in the second month I have travelled kilometers and kilometers to reach an American Junction. It should be a travel-fun-filled year ahead. And I am waiting for that.

Cheers Guys
Enjoy where ever you are.

P.S. I miss my bird, my Red.


Thanu said...

I have family in MI and they were telling me abt the windchill at -20F.

Stay warm, drink a kattan capi..will feel lot better

Alexis said...

All the best buddy... Stay healthy and have fun...

Seema said...

Wishing you fun filled 46 days aka. with little work n lotsa meetings rooms full of jargons!

Am sure if nothing else the missing that your soulmate - Bird - RED creates will get you back to good ol WARM Mera Bharat Mahan;)

Kilometers n Kms n Kms of travel thru the year...THATHAASTHU !!!!

Anonymous said...

enjoy! Have a nice time there!

Krishnan said...

Did you say you miss your bird AND your Bike...?
:-) heh heh..sorry couldn't resist.
-20..brrr...enjoy maadi.

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

#Thanu - I tried making a kattan with the coffee maker. It bombed :)
#Alexis - Thanks Alexis, Trying to be safe :-)
#Seema - Thanks Yaar.
#TP - How are you doing my friend ?
#Kich - Very True ;)

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

don't worry about your 'red bird'... mein hoo na :-)

Enjoy maadi

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Joju - Don't Ever Try to Touch Her!! You Avenger Riding Chap !! It needs some one of her level to handle her;)

Suji said...

Enjoy! Have fun! And click lots of pics.

pophabhi said...

Da - So you get a taste of the place where I suffered 2 winters! hehe. But if we both were there at the same time, we could have blasted...imagine a bike trip across US?? :)

I can understand how much you miss the bird. A week away from home, and I am like...wherez the bike! :)