Monday, October 30, 2006

a post that became royally published

So there I am, with my first official publishing of an article on the Internet(other than on blogs). Its the old trip story, but on a different site.

Yeah !

At the Royal Enfield Site Buddies. And the Trip Story is published under the name Chilling Alone In Chikmagalur

The mail saying that my article is published came today afternoon, and how much joy I had. It was a different feeling altogether. A few months back I was just a reader of those trip stories that got published on the RE site. While reading those, I sat in awe about the IndieThumpers, BikeNomads and those Solo Riders, thinking when will I do atleast 10% of what these guys are doing. I haven't even created a login then, to read about the technical discussions that went on in the site while PP and Abhi - who also were RE fans at that time like me - made and told me about various details about the bikes. I never thought about publishing one trip story there, but today I have put one there. And Today I and Abhi own two beautiful Royal Red Beasts, while PP is still contemplating on the upgradation from his Defintely Male All Black Pulsar 180 to the Thunderbird. I am sure he will be ready with a ravishing Black Bird for the Himalayan Odyssey.

Its an un explainable feeling to see your article published, up there somewhere, after all the editing and filtering. Be it on the Campus Magazine or the Newspaper or a local intranet. You read, read and read to know what all the editor has changed from the master copy that you sent him/her. Then you analyze the changes in language he/she made.

In this case they didn't do any editing, but a publication is a publication, and that too on the Royal Enfield Site. It may be a trivial thing, but for mortals like me it means a lot!!!.

Many Thanks for all those who make it a point to visit my blog and comment. And thanks for all the friends and family who were with me, as an invisible helping hand, throughout those 862 kms. Without you I wouldn't have made it :)

PS: I know this blog is becoming a bit monotonous these days, always about the bird. But that is what happen when people fall in love right? They always think about their soulmates :)


Jiby said...

congratulations man...i can really feel your joy...yeah getting published is the ultimate joy...our blog frat is real proud of you. the icing on the cake is when editors dont chop or rewrite our stuff...i had that experience once and it sucked!

good job dhanush! hope ur enfield and u feature in a lot more travel mags!

Anonymous said...

Kudos Man ! " Great Job is Done by people Who are not Afraid to be great "...
I felt the same when my first article got published...eventhough it was in my school "Kaiezhuthu Massika"!!!

Bravo Dhanush...

Let ur Bird be there always to Power ur Future Voyages !

Bon Voyage !

mathew said...

congrats Dhanush..Just like Jiby said..It feels really great to get ur work published and i can sense the joy u are experiencing!!

njoy maadi!!

മല്ലു ഫിലിംസ് said...

Congratulations for your achievement!

silverine said...

Congrats Dhanush!! The bird sure has lent you wings to go on those exciting explorations. It is always a joy to read about your travels!

pophabhi said...

Congrats Dhanu! As I told....You the man! Proud of you! :D

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Jiby I guess in this case, they didn't have any editors. Yeah it sucks when they chops, but in my cases most of them were made good by our editor in my previous comp.
Kuttans Wow!! I am flattered
Mathew Enjoy Hamburg maadi :)
Silverine Yea. The Wings were there earlier, but got stonger physically and mentally for longer explorations.
Abhi Cometh the day when 2 Birds are gonna fly

Anil said...

Ninne ini pidichchal kittulla.

Suji said...

Congratulations. You must be feeling on top of the world. Looks like ur soulmate is also ur lucky charm.

Sachin R K said...
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Sachin R K said...

Congrats !!! I can still remember the heady feeling I had when my first (and only )joke was published in Children's World. This must be much better.